I can't believe it's only one week until Christmas Day. It feels like we have all been waiting for so long. But what are we waiting for? Is it an idealised image of Christmas? The perfect day of family fun, everyone getting along and being blissfully happy? So, this year, rather than doing resolutions for the New Year, I thought I would make resolutions for Christmas. Resolutions that will actually be kept.


1. Tree - We all love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. But children have a different idea of what constitutes tasteful tree decorating. If it were up to my children, all the ornaments would be put on three branches, and there would be tinsel over every inch of my tree. And I'm constantly stepping on ornaments that have been removed from the tree. I will not get annoyed every time I find a bauble or knitted Father Christmas on the floor. Although I am not a fan of tinsel, I have bought some because my daughter loves it. I can have a tasteful tree when the children move out, and I am missing them like crazy. I will be happy that my children are with me, and that they love the tree and love the ornaments.

My Christmas ResolutionsMy Christmas Resolutions






2. Shopping - Don't let Christmas shopping and gift wrapping frenzy cast a shadow on the day itself. Yes, part of the importance of Christmas is about giving. But your family and friends do not care if you have spent exorbitant sums on their gifts. And they do not care if the gift looks like it has been wrapped by a Wrapping Maestro, or thrown into a gift bag. They only care that you have taken the time out to find them something you think they will genuinely like/want/need. I will aim to finish by Christmas shopping by the 21st December. And then will delegate wrapping to Husband so that I can ponder life's great questions.

My Christmas Resolutions

3. Food - Rather than having Christmas lunch, we have decided to have Christmas dinner at 5pm. This means that we can have a leisurely morning and then have chocolate, prawns and pigs in blanket for lunch. Since we're staying at home for Christmas Day, we can time things as we like, as what suits our young family. And none of us like Christmas cake, so we eat chocolate cake at Christmas. Our house, our rules.

My Christmas Resolutions

My Christmas Resolutions






4. Relatives - Visiting relatives, or having them visit us, can be stressful. But I will focus on how lucky we are to have such a lovely extended family that want to spend time with us.

5. Family Photo - Every year I focus so much on the day. that I don't get a nice family photo. This year, I have a camera with a timer. I will get a photo of the four of us. I don't care where we're all looking, who is making a silly face and who is mid-cough. And it doesn't matter if any of us have eczema outbreaks and look a bit spotty. As long as it is in focus and ALL of us are in the photo, I will be happy.

My Christmas ResolutionsMy Christmas Resolutions






Hope you all enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Happy Christmas everyone! xx




Coordinated Kids

Do you ever have one of those days where you accidentally coordinate your children or with your partner or even your entire family? This sometimes happens to us. Probably since we all like similar colours, and I buy most of our clothing (Husband will only go clothing shopping once a year). Well, this happened on Sunday. I picked out my daughter's outfit (she's not fussed about picking out her clothes as long as she's wear a dress or a skirt), and my son picked out his own outfit. Although Dubz is only 2 1/2, he has very clear ideas of what he wants to wear. He won't even let me pick out his socks.

Moozles is wearing a very cute black and grey tartan dress from Sainsburys, and her mustard tights and boots are both from M&S. Dubz is wearing a monster jumper and yellow trousers, also from M&S. Dubz insists on wearing some kind of animal, monster or robot at all times! We got him some new shoes from Clarks last week. They have airplanes which flash a green light. Dubz picked them out, of course.

For regular readers of my blog, you will know that we have struggled to find Dubz a new hat after he lost his beloved summer trilby in September. This trilby is from Matalan, and is for children aged 4-7 (crazy sizing or my son has a big head like his daddy). It was the last hat of its kind and size in our nearest shop, so I will be ordering a couple more of these hats since Dubz loves it so much.

My Trendy TotsLondon Favourites: Tate Modern






What do you think? Are they cutely coordinated? Or should I expand the colour range of the clothes that I buy?



You know how it's almost Christmas, and I should be buying presents for all the people I care about? Well, I'm more than halfway done. But sometimes I get distracted. And then I get myself a present. Accidentally. Although, if you get something for the house, then it's a gift for the entire family. Technically.

Christmas shopping for me

Case in point, these cheetah bookends. I mean, come on! How gorgeous are these?! I am slowly (VERY SLOWLY, according to Husband) decorating our home, which we are in the process of renovating. And I thought these ceramic bookends were so gorgeous and stylish. But they look even more amazing in real life. I found them on StreetHub, which is is an online retailer that feature loads of independent shops. So instead of going to several shops looking for that unique item, you can look online.

The bookends are from Rigby & Mac in East Dulwich.  I do not have the time, or inclination, to drive around London and scour eBay looking for bookends, so I'm pleased to have found this website. I visit charity shops and vintage fairs, but sometimes it is so frustrating spending so much time shopping without finding the item you want. Where do you shop for your home? Where do you source unique items from?

Christmas shopping for me Christmas shopping for me









My son, Dubz, is 2 1/2 years old. He's at this super funny, super cute, super crazy phase. Life with him is never boring. And it's certainly never quiet. In fact, life with a toddler must be what life is like with a rock star.

1. Rock stars are always jamming. Toddlers love jam. Jam sandwiches. Jam on toast. Jam straight out of the jar, if you accidentally leave the jar of jam on the dining table, which leads to jam on their fingers, clothes, hair, the furniture and the walls. This also goes for Nutella and Marmite.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars

2. Rock stars keep unsociable hours. Toddlers never want to sleep either. Instead of partying at night, they want cuddles or sneaky episodes of Peppa Pig. And when you have important things to do during the day, now that's when they want to sleep.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock Stars

3. Rock stars have groupies who follow them around and take care of their every need. Toddlers have groupies, called mums, who follows them around, wiping their noses and bums, making sure they are in constant supply of food and cuddles.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars

4. Rock stars act crazy and destroy hotel rooms. Toddlers are crazy and destroy hotel rooms, rooms in their homes and basically any room that they're in for longer than two minutes.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars

5. Rock stars like loud music. Toddlers like loud music too. They also think loud noise passes for music. The louder the better. Whether it's banging their toy guitar against your vintage nest of tables, or shaking their maracas in your face.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock Stars











6. Rock stars have trouble controlling their bodily fluids. With the copious amounts of alcohol and/or drugs consumed, that's no surprise. Toddlers have little control over their bodily fluids. Whether they are vomitting on your new sofa, or weeing in your face (I have not included photos for this item, you are welcome).

7. Rock stars have a flair for fashion. Toddlers love to combine the most interesting pieces of clothing and accessories to make the 'perfect outfit', even if that means wearing sunglasses in the pitch black.

Toddlers are like Rock Stars Toddlers are like Rock StarsToddlers are like Rock Stars

8. Rock stars can act like big babies, putting on diva tantrums if they don't get what they want. Toddlers are basically big babies. And if you're in the thick of the terrible twos, then tantrums can be a daily occurrence. Whether you've buttered their toast incorrectly, or given them the 'wrong' cup, they will be vocal about your failings.

Toddlers are like Rock StarsToddlers are like Rock StarsToddlers are like Rock Stars

So, do any of these items sound familiar? Do you have your very own rock star at home?



London Favourites: Tate Modern

For those of you who aren't familiar with London or have only been once or twice, I thought I would start regularly posting about all my favourite London attractions. Places that you should visit, whether as a foreign tourist or someone who lives in the UK. We briefly considered moving out of London after we had our first child, but realised that there was no where else we would rather live. I'm sure you all love your towns/cities/villages, but me, I love London.

First stop -  Tate Modern, which is located on the Southbank. One of the great things about London museums is that many of them are free. Although you do have to pay for the special exhibitions, much of the museum is free for all to peruse. There is so much to see, that you would need to make several trips. And don't assume that children won't love a modern art gallery. My children had a fun time, and have asked to go back to the Tate again.

We went on Saturday, and our first stop was Liminal on level four. There are boxes, of different shapes and sizes, which children (and adults) are invited to try and use to make sculptures. Moozles and Dubz made a robot, and Dubz even donated his hat (for a minute) to make the robot a bit snazzier. Tate Modern have a few kids-oriented exhibits like this, allowing the children to participate in the art.

London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern

After looking at some art installations, we were feeling quite hungry so we popped into the Tate Cafe. We hadn't eaten there in years, and were pleasantly surprised at how the food had improved. Husband and I had the three course Christmas menu (which cost £25 each). We raved about the meal for days, as all the courses were superb. My potted shrimp starter was my favourite course. Husband loved his duck main. And the kids' favourite was pudding (what a shocker). Tate Modern give kids a free main meal, at lunchtime, with every adult meal. Such a lovely touch! We enjoyed the meal so much, we are planning to go again soon with family.

London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern






London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern London Favourites: Tate Modern





London Favourites: Tate Modern

After lunch, we had a stroll by the river and even spotted one of the Paddington bears that are dotted around London. There is also a German market by the Tate, which is on until Christmas Eve. There were some lovely stalls, but it was hard to have a good look as I was firmly holding on to little hands. There was a lovely little chalet that people were relaxing in, drinking mulled beverages. But alas, that was not meant to be.

We did see a chalet filled with pocket watches. For some reason, Moozles is obsessed with pocket watches and has been wanting one for ages. So after letting her have a good look, I distracted the kids while Husband bought her a pocket watch. She is going to be so happy come Christmas morning! All in all we had a lovely family day out. Dubz had his first trip on a train and the underground. We got culture, good food and even a little Christmas pressie.

London Favourites: Tate ModernLondon Favourites: Tate ModernLondon Favourites: Tate ModernLondon Favourites: Tate Modern
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We were invited to have a complimentary lunch at Tate Modern to try out their Christmas menu. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.





The First Train Ride

Such angelic children, no? Actually, they're far from it. But they like to smile for the camera, so I can't complain too much. On Saturday, we went to the Tate Modern for some culture and lunch. Normally, when we go into central London, we go on a Sunday. That way we can snag some free parking. Dubz is quite the handful and we have not been brave enough to take him on the train or the underground. Moozles had been on the train and tube hundreds of times at this age.

But the past few months has seen a marked maturing in Dubz. Now that he is two and a half years old, he has calmed down quite a bit. He is still quite lively, but we are no longer dealing with daily tantrums or him running around in a frenzied state. So we decided to go into London, on the train and the tube. Without. The. Buggy. Talk about risk takers.

It surprisingly went well. There were some grumpy moments when Dubz got tired and his Daddy carried him. In case you weren't aware, Dubz always wants me to carry him. But my back cannot oblige. So he had to mainly make due with Daddy. But there was no running into traffic or falling onto the platform. We had a nice day. Not extraordinary, but it still felt special. My little boy is not such a baby any more.


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Half Shell Heroes

If you are of a similar age to me, you may remember the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Cool turtles that were great at ninja and had a passion for pizza. Well, TMNT are back! And I know that loads of the boys in Moozle's class (Year Two) love them. But now they have introduced Half Shell Heroes, turtles aimed at younger kids (aged 2-5).

Dubz just received a Christmas card and bauble for the tree from the Half Shell Heroes. And he was so pleased. If you want the chance to win some cool Half Shell Heroes' toys, head to the Evolution website for your chance to win. There are 25 prizes to be won. We have our eye on winning the Mega Mutant Leo. There is a different prize to be won every day in the Half Shell Heroes Advent Calendar. Cowabunga! ;)


We were sent the personalised Christmas card for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.