Oh the British, in the SummerGrowing up in Northern California, I was used to plenty of sunshine. But people are not so lucky in the UK. And when the weather gets hot, they go a little crazy. And by 'a bit crazy', I mean CRAY-ZEE. And Brits keep talking about the sun having its hat on, whatever that means.

I have previously written about some eccentricities of Brits as well offering some American-British translation, but I thought I'd focus a post on the heatwave (happening this week). If you are new to the UK, please be warned. And if you have been living in the UK for many years, as I have, you may even begin to start acting a bit heat-crazy yourself.

1. British people start stripping off. From very large men in too-small shorts walking down the road park, to my kids refusing to wear clothes at home.

Oh the British, in the Summer

2. All meals are eaten outside. In the garden, the BBQ becomes king. Or else you have a picnic on any patch of grass you can find.

Oh the British, HeatwaveOh the British, in the Summer

3. It's an excuse for drinking even more alcohol than usual, preferably outside. And Brits love drinking booze in tins.

Oh the British, in the Summer Oh the British, in the Summer

4. Gardens are turned into waterparks. Health and safety be damned.

Oh the British, in the Summer Oh the British, in the Summer

5. All meals consist of sausages and ice cream.Oh the British, HeatwaveOh the British, in the Summer

6. British people will drive hours to the nearest beach. Who cares if the sand is covered in pebbles and the ocean is too cold to swim in. They're going to the beach, dammit.

Oh the British, in the Summer

7. And then the rains come, and are often accompanied by thunder and lightning and even hail.

Oh the British, in the Summer





The Beach Dress That Has Never Been to the Beach

Before lThe Beach Dress That Has Never Been to the Beachast week's visit to Wales, I got myself a beach cover-up. I wanted something with sleeves, that would not be too short or sheer. This does not sound like a difficult list, but it is actually tougher than I had imagined. Luckily I found this lovely Dickins & Jones beach dress from House of Fraser.

It is made of a soft jersey fabric so you don't feel uncomfortable. The waist is gathered so you don't look like you're wearing a sack. And the almost-to-the-knee length keeps everything covered.

Now, I had planned to wear this dress to the beach, but it did not actually make it to the beach. I did wear this dress to the pool, to the playground and then to the spa. I added some leggings and a jean jacket in the evening and wore it to dinner. Maybe one day the dress will actually make it to the beach. If you are after some flattering beachwear, then this dress is now on sale for £17.50! Or check out the other fab kaftans and sarongs from House of Fraser.

The Beach Dress That Has Never Been to the BeachThe Beach Dress That Has Never Been to the Beach



Style Me Sunday



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My Sunday Photo From Kew Gardens

Aww, look at my sweet girl. I was kindly asked to be one of the brand ambassadors for Stamptastic (more of that to come), and they invited us to a day out in Kew Gardens this weekend. After a land-train ride around the grounds, we went on the Treetop Walkway. Located 18-metre high, the walkway made us feel like we were in the sky with the birds (and the airplanes). I was so proud of Moozles walking all the way up the steps, and not being scared or nervous about being so high. She was an anxious toddler, but she has been so brave the past few years. And now that she is seven, I am really starting to see a glimpse of the person she is becoming.






Folly Farm Wales

While we were on holiday in Pembrokeshire this week we popped into Folly Farm. Folly Farm located in South Wales, combines a petting zoo, a soft play, playgrounds and a small zoo of bigger animals. Our visit began in the Jolly Barn, filled with pigs, donkeys, giant rabbits and other farmyard animals. I loved watching the giant rabbits hop about. Moozles and Dubz especially loved petting the lovely ferret.

Then we headed over to see the giraffes and the zebras. They have a viewing platform, which is especially nice when the giraffes walk next to it and you can look into their big, beautiful eyes. Next were the Humboldt penguins. We caught the penguin talk, which was very popular and very interesting. After that we looked at the lions, before heading into the soft play for lunch. They have made the soft play look like an outdoor tree house, with lots of climbing and sliding. There is also two soft sections, one for children under six and another for children between two and four.

Folly Farm also has a vintage funfair, with lots of cute rides. And as it is covered, it is suitable all-year. There are also several playgrounds, and we enjoyed most of them. We saw the pirate ship when we were leaving, but had to make sure the kids did not see it as they were already pretty exhausted. I liked that there were loads of outdoor benches, so that you could bring a picnic (as we did). Beware, there are lots of seagulls looking for scraps. Have a look at my vlog below for more of our fun day at Folly Farm.

Folly Farm opens at 10am every day. Tickets cost £10.95 for each adult, £9.95 for each child. Children two and under are free.

Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm Wales Folly Farm WalesFolly Farm Wales



Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Cool Boy Style

Even though Dubz only turned three last month, he has a definite sense of style. He picks out everything that he wears, including his socks. And of course he wears his beloved trilby all day, every day. Dubz loves wearing jeans (like his daddy) and he mostly wears dinosaur clothing, though he has three non-dinosaur tops that he sometimes wears. So when the lovely people at Base Fashion offered Dubz a new outfit, I thought it would be a great opportunity for him to pick out some cool non-dinosaur clothing.

From a choice of Levi's jeans, Dubz picked out the ones I would have picked out. That kid has great taste. 😉 And from a selection of t-shirts, he chose the one that he thought looked like a 'monster wearing hat'. Typical. After selecting his outfit online, Dubz then proceeded to ask me, four or five times a day, when he would be receiving his clothes. Luckily we only had to wait a few days.

cool boy style

Cool Boy Style

At £35, the jeans are not what I would normally spend on Dubz (he normally gets his jeans from H&M and Sainsbury's). But I could see the difference in quality. They washed really well. And there is a reason why Levi's jeans are so popular. In order for the jeans to last, I ordered a larger size. I've rolled the cuffs, and hoping to find some cute braces/suspenders so hopefully we should get a year's wear out of them. The his t-shirt is beyond cool. And very reasonably priced at £12.

Base Fashion offer clothes for babies through to teenagers. And with free delivery and free returns, you can order without  extra fees and without the worry of the item not fitting. There is currently a mid-season sale going on, so why not pop on over and have a look.



We were sent an outfit for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.





Fit by 40 - June Update

I have been on my healthy living/fitness regime for three and a half months now. And I have to admit that I am struggling. This past month has been difficult. Rather than having one day off at the weekend, I have been having two or three days off. And I took about two weeks off during the May half-term. But despite my love of sugar and carbs, I have continued going to the gym two or three times a week so the month hasn't gone too badly.

My last weigh-in was last week on Wednesday. At that time I had lost four pounds for the month, bringing my weight loss grand total to 22 pounds. Last month I was disappointed by my four-pound loss. But this month I am not surprised by the small loss as I don't think my body could continue with the half stone losses each month.

And although my clothes have been fitting better (and I have been able to wear some old clothes), I don't think I look like I have lost any weight. Obviously it is tough to notice when you have a lot of weight to lose. But I feel like this is effecting my motivation.

This week we are on holiday, so I have been off the diet since last Friday. But I hope to return to my healthy living regime on Sunday. And I am hoping to reduce my cheat days back to once a week. I have seven weeks remaining until my 40th birthday and still have over a stone to lose. Yikes! If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.


Sim's Life
Fitness 4 Mamas


My BritmumsLive Photo

I went to BritMums Live on Friday and Saturday. And it was such a great experience. I was a bit overwhelmed last year. But this year I felt so much more comfortable. Plus I had a great group of gals to hang out with. One of my favourite photos was taken on Friday evening. I got to drink wine, with some of my favourite bloggers. Here we are before we went to a local bar - some more tipsy than others.

From left to right: Katie from Hurrah for Gin, Jude from Make Me An EarthMother, Amy from Surviving Life and Motherhood (just), me, Jess from the award-winning Wry Mummy and Steph from Sisterhood (and all that). Crouched in the front is Becky from Spirited Puddle Jumper. And missing from the photo is the very dear Emma from Brummy Mummy of 2.