A Little Change, In Lipstick

We all get into a rut sometimes. I basically wear four similar lipsticks, all of a reddy brown or pinky brown colour. I remember trying pink lipstick as a teenager and realising that it didn’t suit me because of my brown lips. Actually, it is my brown upper lip that changed the pink colour and then my lips didn’t match. But 41 is a lot easier than 18, in so many respects. And I’ve recently started to embrace my very full, brown lips.

So last week I bought a pink lipstick (Rimmel 260, Amethyst Shimmer, to be exact). And yesterday, I finally wore it. And yes, I initially thought I looked strange. But I quite like it now, and am wondering why I took so long to give pink a try. Who knows, I may even try purple lipstick next week.



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