A Lovely Day of Lavender

Every year I drag my family visit Mayfield Lavender in Banstead. We first visited in 2013 and it has become a summer family tradition. But I won’t lie – some years I have had to force my family. Last year we had an unexpected power cut so I bribed them with the promise of brunch at a restaurant if we went to see the lavender beforehand.

There have been some visits where the children constantly complained about the bees. Or they were too hot, or too cold, or too hungry. And then there were the times where Husband grumbled about the embarrassment of taking so many photos (okay, this has actually happened EVERY time).

But this month, something magical occurred. When I mentioned wanting to go to Mayfield Lavender, no one complained. At first I thought they had not heard me, But they had. And everyone said they were looking forward to it. And then I wondered if there had been a McDonald’s built on the site and I hadn’t heard about it. But when I Googled it, I found that that wasn’t the case. It was still just a lavender field.

So here are some photos, of happy people. Who have not been bribed with anything. And who didn’t even ask for ice cream or a snack while we were there. I assume my real family were abducted by aliens, but I like my new husband and children too much to care.

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