A New Day in America

A New Day in AmericaThis has been an emotional election season for my fellow Americans. As an expat living in the UK, I have taken a keen interest in the election. Then again, the entire world has been watching, waiting, wondering who the United States of America will choose for its 45th president.

Besides the mud-slinging, there was unprecedented craziness and shocking tales of sexual assault and harassment. On one hand, we had a woman that no one is entirely sure they can trust. But she is clever, educated and experienced. On the other hand, we had a man-child. No one is really sure if he’s actually clever and just pretending to be stupid. But he comes from money and runs a business. He also, apparently, enjoys grabbing p*ssies. *shudder*

It’s been a presidential election race like no other. And while it is a relief to have it over, the outcome is far from satisfactory. I have woken up early this rainy Wednesday morning to learn the results. I had a bad feeling when I went to bed last night. Similar to how I felt the night before we learned if the UK would remain in the EU. I woke up in horror then, but this time it was not such a huge shock.

I knew that it would be tough to get a woman elected to the highest office in the United States of America. Especially someone not immediately likeable like Hillary Clinton. Even in this day and age, many people are not ready for a woman to lead their country. And even against someone like Donald Trump, someone who represents all the qualities that we should not want in our president, all the qualities we do not want in our friends. I knew it would be close.

The votes have been cast and the decision has been made. Donald Trump has grabbed the American people by the p*ssy. We are angry and fragmented, and Donald Trump says he will fix us. Maybe he will. Maybe he will do better with our country then he has with his own business. Many Americans are obviously unhappy with their lives. Some people are struggling to pay their bills – they feel like outsiders in their own country and are afraid of terrorists. I understand fear. We have a similar situation in the UK. But we don’t need leaders who incite fear. Maybe Trump will make America great again. Then again, I already thought we were great.

Maybe America is a toddler acting out. Is this a tantrum where America kicks and screams until it gets its own way? I used to have to cuddle my children to calm them down. Who will calm America down when Trump becomes president? We will have to wait and see.

Donald Trump becomes President of the United States on 20 January 2017. And the world will continue to watch. Good luck America. Good luck.


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6 thoughts on “A New Day in America

  1. I don’t really ‘do’ politics and so I have only followed the election vaguely but I really liked this post as I hadn’t even thought of the fact Hilary Clinton was a woman may have swayed the vote. I think that says even more about the world than Donald Trump being elected! x

    1. Yes, the good thing about the US is that we have a series of checks and balances (the Senate and House of Representatives) to keep anyone from going crazy as president. But it does mean that nothing might happen in the next four years, undoing all the good work that Obama has done, and sending the economy into the dumps.

  2. It’s awful here today. After living in the UK for 3.5 years, it’s mostly been wonderful being home. Not now. I have cried so much, worried that my black husband and brown children are living in a country that cares so little for them. Plan is to move to Canada, where hubby is a permanent resident. Blessed to have an out.

    1. It’s sad when people do not feel welcome in their own country. The UK and US should not be moving backwards, but that seems to be the move. At least you have Canada as a back-up. But hopefully people will see Trump’s ugliness and he will be out of office soon.

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