Age Is Just A Number

Sometimes in my blog, I mention that I am 39. And sometimes lovely people express astonishment at how youthful I look. And they say that I ‘seem’ younger, which I think is code for ‘acting immature’. But what is 39? As a teenager, I used to think of 39 as quite old, as middle-aged. But that is not how I now feel.

I cared more about my age when I was younger. I always wanted to be older, so that I would be taken more seriously. And now that I am approaching 40, I am not that fussed about the number. I am happy. My life is not perfect. I am far from what I want to be. Far from how I want to look. But life has treated me well, for the most part. And even the bad things aren’t so bad because they got me to where I am today.

My age, my number means less than my experience. I have lived. I have traveled. And thanks to Husband, I have loved (cheesy, I know but still true). I don’t know when my age will begin to be an issue. Maybe I will turn 40 and freak out. Maybe 50 is the number that will send me into a midlife crisis.

All I do know is that for now, my age does not define me. My lack of youth does not make me old. I have a young and lively heart. And though my body, and feet, don’t cooperate and party like they used to, I am not old. I am not my age. I am just me.

I am linking up to The Prompt this week, where the topic is Age. How do you feel about growing old?



10 thoughts on “Age Is Just A Number

  1. It seems to be the case that, with age, comes acceptance. It’s certainly been the case with me. 44 and never felt more at ease with myself. Age really is just a number…I’m still 16 on the inside. 😀
    Good post. X

  2. Aspects of growing old worry me. I want to remain healthy, active and social. These are the most important things to me. I’ve of a similar age to you and it definitely made me reflective, but actually, I ain’t got so much to worry about at this point in time. Life is generally good. #ThePrompt

  3. I’m glad that you are happy at where you are for the most part, and even able to embrace the experiences that life dealt you that weren’t all rosey and shiney. I still freak out a bit at every birthday unfortunately, and I’m only 28. I hope you will be able to avoid midlife crisis altogehter.

  4. I’ll go for that! I think everyone who has commented about being freaked out about the younger ages will reach their zen moment of acceptance eventually – it’s just a shame we have to do that to ourselves when we are still so young in the scheme of things. It’s nuts. Which is why I actually feel OK about the here and now because you’re right – it is just a number and what you do with your time while you have the chance is more important than anything else. Also – I do think having young children keeps you young too 😉 X #theprompt

  5. I completely agree, age is far more about what we’ve done, seen, achieved than it is a number. I’m 41 but to be honest I still feel about 25 in my head, sadly my body with all it’s aches and pains is definitely in it’s 40’s 🙂 But, I am fine with that, I’m happy in my skin and would not want to be in my twenties again! Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  6. I agree. Age means nothing in terms of how you act. I’m definitely not a proper grown-up (Peter Pan, anyone?) and I doubt I ever will be. Thought-provoking post x

  7. I was quite happy turning 30 five years ago. We were about to get married and move into our dream home so there were too many lovely things happening to focus on the number. I actually feel happier with myself in my 30’s than improbably have done at any other time in my life. I’m still a bit scared at turning 40 though! #theprompt

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