Almost Christmas

Can you believe it? Christmas is almost here. It’s just over a week until the big day. I feel like we spend November, eagerly awaiting the acceptable moment where we can decorate and discuss festivities. Often we start too early as we’re just so damn excited. And then, before you know it, it’s mid-December and we have Christmas-fatigue.

I read that Christmas-fatigue is a real thing. It’s not just something people say when they’re tired of thinking about gifts and visiting their families. Apparently our hormones can go out of whack, leading us to feel sad and tired. We spend too much time partying, eating unhealthy food, buying and wrapping presents, and drinking too much booze. Simple.

This year I haven’t suffered any Christmas-fatigue. And it’s purely because I’ve been so busy with the house renovations. I did 90% of the gift-buying online, and on one day. We haven’t decorated the house or gotten a Christmas tree as there are boxes everywhere. In a way, I have found it freeing. And I have felt less pressure.

But I made the wreath, in the photo above, last week. And it’s enough to make me feel a bit Christmassy. For now. Next year, the house will be lovely and all ready for a proper Christmas. And I’m sure the Christmas-fatigue will come with it. This year I am enjoying less stress. Happy almost Christmas!


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