Another Year, Another Wicked Wednesday

Another Year, Another Wicked Wednesday

Yup. That’sAnother Year, Another Wicked Wednesday my sweet, happy little boy. And why is he so grumpy? Well, one day after pre-school last week I promised Dubz¬†he could have a chocolate biscuit when we got home. Pre-school finishes at 12.30pm, and it’s a 15-minute walk home. Well, I walk and he sits in his buggy. Anyway, he has a sandwich, some cucumber and a drink on the way. Normally, when we arrive home, Dubz has a few slices of toast before his nap. But last week he was extra good. And I wanted to give him a reward. But I did not count on his daddy having finished off half a packet of dark chocolate digestives the night before. When I found there were no biscuits, there was nothing to be done.

That’s life with a two-year old and a Husband, who both adore chocolate biscuits.



19 thoughts on “Another Year, Another Wicked Wednesday

  1. Haha, adorable but at the same time I feel your pain. Hubby’s just don’t understand do they??? #WickedWednesdays

  2. That is an OUTRAGE! Mr Californian, you have some explaining to do! I love how toddlers have that real gaping mouth in disbelief way of crying when they have been so sorely wronged. xx

  3. Eeek! This is SUCH a familiar story for me. I have to hide the biscuits at Bod Towers… and not from the children!

  4. Im sorry babe but this little story really MADE ME LAUGH! That is exactly what my girl would do! Thanks so much for linking up to #wickedwednesdays and can’t to see what you have got lined up for next week! x

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