Autumnal Loveliness in Richmond Park

Autumnal Loveliness in Richmond Park

Yes, another photo of Richmond Park. You might be thinking that I work for their PR department, but I do not. The park is just so close by and I have been going on weekly walks with my mummy friends. There is nothing better than going for a walk on a sunny day. I have been trying to take different routes to try and see as much of the park as possible. On Tuesday, I came upon this bit of beauty. Between the trees, the light and the leaves on the ground, I was left in awe of the autumnal loveliness.



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13 thoughts on “Autumnal Loveliness in Richmond Park

  1. I agree, there is nothing better than a fall walk through the park, esp if it has been cloudy out. I used to live for those days when a brisk walk through the park was invigorating. Now, I have sun 365 days a year and no fall. I miss it.

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