Autumn/Winter Handbags For Under £100

autumn/winter handbags for under £100Have I ever mentioned my love of handbags? Like I really love them. Really really love them. And they’re such an easy way to add interest to your outfit. Especially as the weather gets colder and the only thing that can be seen of your outfit is your coat or jacket. I can’t bear to use the same handbag season after season. But as I don’t have a proper job, I can’t justify buying myself a designer handbag every season. So I thought I would put together some of my most lusted after handbags from this autumn/winter, all under £100.

autumn/winter handbags for under £100Biba Serena Shoulder Bag – This bag is elegant with a cool vintage look. I can’t get enough of burgundy in the autumn. This would look lovely with my endless amounts of navy jumpers and cardis. I adore bags with a crocodile-type skin (and own an ungodly amount). This is currently on sale for £81, from £135. This bag will last a lifetime.

autumn/winter handbags for under £100Mango Leather Cross Body Bag – You can’t go through autumn/winter without some leopard in your wardrobe. And if it’s your handbag, then you’re covered whenever you leave the house. And the leopard print is furry, making the bag look more expensive. And the tassel is such a pretty touch.

The cross-body element, makes this bag very practical and easy to carry. And it looks quite roomy. From Mango, this leather bag is £69.99.

autumn/winter handbags for under £100Louche Atlanta Rucksack – Not technically a handbag, but I love these new breed of sophisticated backpacks. Or rucksacks as British people call them. By the way, what’s a ruck? Anyway, I remember when backpacks were cool in the early 90s, and I had something similar back then.

This backpack from Joy would work on a 20-year old just as well as a 40-year old. And at £45, you would have money left to put in the bag.

autumn/winter handbags for under £100Linea Weekend Kirstin Saddle Bag – I love the colour grey, and this handbag would work for autumn or spring. I’m not sure why they call this a weekend bag, I’d use it everyday. It ‘s the perfect size if you need to carry around your essentials, as well as all the other crap mums need to tote around.

This bag is currently on sale for £65.40, down from £109. This is a great bargain, especially considering this is real leather.

autumn/winter handbags for under £100River Island Leather and Suede Tote – This is just beautiful. I love the contrast between the smooth leather in the middle and the soft suede on the ends. It is nice and roomy so you would be able to fit everything in, or you could even use it as a diaper bag. At £48, this bag looks much more expensive than it is.

So, have you bought yourself a new autumn/winter handbag yet? Do you fancy any of these? What colours and fabrics make the perfect autumn/winter handbag?






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