Bin Those Bras, It’s National No Bra Day

Bin Those Bras, It's National No Bra DayI’m not joking ladies. There IS a No Bra Day, and it is here. So throw those bras in the bin. Okay, not all of them. But you don’t need to wear a bra everyday, and you should especially take a break on the 13th October (National No Bra Day). This won’t be tough for me, because, you see, I, um, I don’t often wear bras. There you have it. I’ve said it. Now you know.

I’ve loathed wearing bras since I was a teenager. There was the initial excitement that occurred when I was first able to wear a bra, at age 11. Woohoo, boobs! But after a few years, I grew weary. What evil sorcerer came up with the underwire? Why should my breasts be squeezed in when they just wanted to be free? I used to get fed up and sneak my bra off during school. Luckily I went to an all-girls school. For years I would wear a bra, while quietly hating it. And then I got pregnant and lived in bras. And obviously I could not go without one whilst breastfeeding. But then when I was finished, my bra became my enemy again.

I am a respectable mother of two. Surely I should be wearing a bra on a daily basis? Well, I can’t. I won’t. I gave up on underwires a few years ago, but in the past year I have almost given up on bras entirely. It’s not tough when it is chilly, I wear a vest/tank top underneath my clothes to reduce jiggling. It’s a bit tougher on hot days, but luckily we don’t have many of those in the UK.

Sometimes, if I’m at an event or a night out, I’ll wear a bra. That is because I like the lift a bra gives. And the more I get accustomed to the way my natural breasts look, the more comfortable I feel going without a bra. At first I was worried that people would notice but no one does. I expect that soon I won’t be wearing a bra at all. I look forward to those days.

If you’ve been hating your bra, why not take a day off? I bet you will notice more than anyone else. Free your boobs. Embrace the jiggle.


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