Blokpod – Storage of the Future

Blokpod - Storage of the Future

My three-year has recently begun a love affair with Lego. And with that love affair, there begins a routine of me stepping on said Lego and cursing. I don’t often curse, but when I do I say very bad words. This is not ideal when you have young children in earshot. So, when the lovely people from Blokpod offered to send me one of their storage tubs, I was intrigued. I mean, can’t you just stick Lego in any old box (like we were doing)? Oh wait, that’s how I came to stepping on the Lego.

Anyway, Dubz was so excited when the Blokpod arrived. First of all, the cylinder shape makes it looks quite space age. Dubz had so much fun transferring his Lego from the plain rectangular box into the Blokpod. And then he shook it so that the smaller pieces would fall down into the lower sections. He loved shaking it. And even when he stood up to shake it, then dropped it, the Blogpod was just fine. And whenever we have a guest come over, Dubz loves showing them the Blokpod, and calls it his ‘special new Lego toy’.

Besides looking nice, the Blokpod is quite a durable bit of storage. I had worried how it would be worth the £34.99 price tag, but it seems that the price is made of more than just the design. It is the fact that your little one can drop it and kick it (and then drop it some more) , and the Blokpod would still be durable. If you register on their website, Blokpod will give you a 20% discount!!

And as for stepping on Lego, which was my main issue, this has been a great help. The Blokpod has two slits on the top, so when the children see stray Lego they normally pop it back in. I say normally because my children are still themselves, and they are not afraid of a mess. Have a look at our little vlog at the bottom to see the Blokpod in action.

Blokpod - Storage of the Future Blokpod - Storage of the Future


We were sent the Blokpod for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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