My Bonfire Night Sunday Photo

My Bonfire Night Sunday Photo

Last Sunday night we went to our first Bonfire Night fireworks display as a family. Moozles was beyond frightened of fireworks when she was little. I mean, she would shriek and scream like her leg was being chewed off (sorry for the imagery, but Husband and I have been binge-watching The Walking Dead).

Last year we had fireworks in the garden to get Moozles accustomed to them. She was fine so we thought this year we would get out and celebrate with proper big fireworks. The kids loved it. They oohed and aahhed. They ate hot dogs and had chocolate-covered apples. Dubz wore his sister’s sunglasses all evening. We had fun, with just a touch of  our normal family craziness. It was an ordinary evening, but one I will remember for years to come.


8 thoughts on “My Bonfire Night Sunday Photo

  1. Sounds fab and there is something rather quirky and very British about celebrating Guy Fawkes so fitting that sunglasses were worn all night!!
    Looks like seriously good fun!!

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