Californian Mum Cooks Mexican Street Food

Cooking Mexican Street Food

I am not the best cook. I make about 10 meals which I rotate over a couple of weeks (luckily Husband cooks on the weekends). I can probably cook about 20 things, but a few of them are special occasion dishes that don’t get made often. I’ve been wanting to add to my repertoire for ages, so last week I dragged one of my friends along to a Mexican street food cooking class at The Jamie Oliver Cookery Schoolย in London.

I love Mexican food, but other than cheese quesadillas, I would never dream of trying to make any. So it was a treat to have a professional chef, the lovely Gaby, show me how to cook. I say me, but there were eight of us in the class. We cooked in groups of two, which meant that we were able to take turns with chopping, etc. I chopped my first onion, which was very exciting (it’s the kind of thing that I normally make Husband do). We made a chipotle chicken, various salsas and guacamole. And if that wasn’t enough, we also made our own corn tortillas.

The cooking class was so much fun. Not only did I get to learn something new, but I had a fun evening with one of my friends. Gaby was such an excellent teacher and was full of enthusiasm, and did not let us feel intimidated about making a new dish. I would love to try another class, maybe next time with Husband. He is desperate for me to make some Mexican street food for the family. Hopefully I will be able to next weekend.

If you live in/near London and were thinking of taking a cooking class, The Jamie Oliver Cookery School is great value for money. Our two-hour class cost ยฃ45-55 per person. This included a glass of Prosecco and getting to eat our delicious meal. You can follow the cooking school on Facebook and Twitter for class updates and discounts. There are over 30 classes to choose from. I would love to learn how to make some Japanese food or to make homemade bread. Stay tuned – there might be another edition of Cooking with Californian Mum.

Cooking Mexican Street Food Cooking Mexican Street Food Cooking Mexican Street Food Cooking Mexican Street FoodCooking Mexican Street Food


I was invited to attend a cooking class for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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