Camping with Brownies

Camping with Brownies

This is a momentous weekend in our household. My daughter (who will turn eight in less than one week) has gone away on her Brownie troupe’s pack holiday this weekend. They are ‘camping’ in a lodge for two entire nights. Moozles has been so excited all week. And to be honest, I was a bit excited too. Husband and I rarely get the chance to have alone time with Dubz. But I was also a bit nervous. Apart from staying with her grandparents loads, and her one one-night sleepover a couple of weeks ago, Moozles has not been away from home during the night.

But I did not have time to spend on worrying as it has been a busy week. Then I spent Friday afternoon labeling and packing her things. Though, to be honest, the labeling only took a few minutes as I have one of those cool Stampastic pads (I even labeled her toothpaste and teddy bear – oh, the satisfaction). Anyway, Husband came home early so we could all drive Moozles to the campsite. She chose her bed and I got it ready. Then it was time to say goodbye.

I hugged Moozles so many times. And to be honest, I wanted to just grab her and run to the car. The idea of 46 hours away from my girl, with no way to communicate with her, felt daunting. But I mothered-up, and said goodbye. No tears. I’ve been thinking of her loads this weekend. Hoping she’s not missing us, even though I am missing her so much. And I can’t wait until we pick her up at 5pm on Sunday, and we get to hear about her little adventure with Brownies.

Camping with Brownies Camping with Brownies Camping with Brownies

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15 thoughts on “Camping with Brownies

  1. I think you’re both very brave; I couldn’t imagine that time away just yet and my girl is 8yo! I do get what a momentus occasion that is, and she looks ready for it.
    I hope you both managed to relax away from home and had fun

  2. Ha ha, that old conundrum of the parent being more worried than the kid when they go away overnight!! Sure she’ll have a great time. Enjoy your one on one time with your youngest. #MySundayPhoto

  3. I bet she will have had the best time!
    I’m so used to that feeling of kids being away and counting the hours until they’re back as my kids have been on a lot of camps. A weekend doesn’t bother me any more, but when my two boys, who were 11 and 14 went away for 12 days last year, that was very hard!

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