afternoon tea


Tea for Two

This has been an unusual week. Moozles and Dubz has been at their grandparents' house since Saturday. Husband and I were home alone from Sunday until Saturday. That's right, one whole week of peace and quiet. One week without playing superheroes or reading children's' books. And yes, we missed having those little ones around. But it was also one week without mediating fights or dealing with tantrums. And it was one week hanging out with Husband. And since it was my birthday week (the big 4-1), I basically got what I wanted. So on Tuesday, after visiting the Tate Modern, we went to The Café at the Hotel Café Royal.

I have walked by The Café loads of times, and have always drooled over their beautiful window displays, but I was never hungry as I passed by. But this time our visit was planned. There were so many lovely things to choose from, but I decided upon the Bounty macaroon while Husband had a coffee and walnut cake. And of course we had tea. Tea for two, and the perfect way to start my birthday week.

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Tea for Two at Harrods

For Christmas, Husband was given a voucher for a cream tea for two at Harrod's. But since The Georgian Restaurant was booked up during all the Saturdays in January, Husband kindly gave me the voucher so that I could take a friend. So today, one of my mummy friends and I went for an early tea while the kids were at school. If you've never been to The Georgian before, it's a beautiful restaurant. And there is an enclosed terrace on the side which feels quite relaxed while still elegant.

I have previously had the afternoon tea at The Georgian. For £39 you will be served tea, sandwiches, cakes, scones and a trifle. But on this occasion we had the cream tea, which is quite economical, considering the opulent surroundings. For £15, you can have tea and four small scones. The scones were delicious. And as it was lunchtime, we also ordered the Truffle & Parmesan Fries. My friend is partial to the combination of truffle and parmesan (she regularly has it on her popcorn) and adored the fries.

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