In Style in John Lewis

Nothing cooler than taking a selfie in the John Lewis lingerie department, right? Anyway, I was at John Lewis Kingston a couple of weeks ago for one of their beauty events. But it was a special event, as they had the team from In Style magazine imparting their wisdom on skincare, haircare and make-up. Not only did they talk about their favourite brands, but they answered audience members' questions.

Each year, In Style magazine has a special edition listing the best beauty buys, as voted upon by beauty experts and readers. Best cleanser? Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. Best nail polish? Essie. Best flat iron? GHD. Best inexpensive mascara? Max Factor Masterpiece.

I was then treated to a lovely back massage from Clarins. Clarins have the most amazing smelling products. I don't have many expensive beauty products, but I have the Clarins Beauty Balm, which is lovely. And their Lotion Tonique was voted as the best toner.

There was also a make-up tutorial from one of the make-up artists from Bobbi Brown. I learned to always do your eye make-up first. That way, if there are any smears from your eye shadow or mascara, you can wipe it off your clean skin before putting on foundation. If you have already put on your foundation and just try to cover the smears, it can lead to greyness around the eyes. Who knew? Oh yeah, experts knew.

Do you have any beauty secrets? What are your make-up best buys?

In Style in John Lewis In Style in John Lewis




I was invited to the John Lewis/In Style Beauty Event for the purpose of this review. I was given some of the 'best buys' to sample. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.




My Winter Face

Last week I attended a party at a cool and trendy London hotel (Ham Yard Hotel). Simple invited me and some beauty journalists and bloggers to come over for champagne, canapes and tips on rebooting our winter skincare routines. Oh yes, we are in the throes of winter. Besides shivering when I'm outside, I know it is winter because my face is dry and itchy.

Besides the cold weather effecting our complexions, many of us overindulged in December. And our skin are suffering. That's why Simple are urging everyone to focus on their skin in January. According to Simple, 'December was about fun. January is #aboutface'. The party was fun too. Besides the beauty tips, we got the chance to make artwork, utilising skincare tips, with the guidance of the very talented Sophia Langmead. I'm not very creative, but I was pleased with my creation (below and in the top photo).

My Winter Face

No matter your skin, here are some tips for giving your complexion some much-needed TLC:

1. Drink lots of water, fruit and vegetables. Take it easy on the sugar.

2. Take off your make-up before bedtime. This is something I am very bad at doing after a night out, but will try to remember. Even if it is just leaving some face wipes on my nightstand.

3. Take extra time and care with your skin. Put on a face mask and relax in the bath. Maybe give yourself a face massage during cleansing. Perhaps relaxing to some music after putting on moisturiser.

My Winter FaceMy Winter Face My Winter FaceMy Winter Face

Simple was designed for sensitive skin, and I have sensitive skin, so I am keen to try out my new skincare products (I was given the chance to grab some products so will get started on them soon). I'll let you know how I get on. I'm also planning to start using a facial scrub and mask on a weekly basis. How are you taking care of your skin during winter?


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I was invited to Simple's #aboutface event and given some skincare products for the purpose of this post. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


John Lewis Beauty

That's right, yet another post about John Lewis. What can I say? I love JL. Two weeks ago I dragged my bloggy friend Sam (far right) from And Then The Fun Began to John Lewis Kingston. I say dragged, but I mentioned that there was a Beauty Event at John Lewis, and Sam agreed to go before I finished my sentence. And whilst there, we saw the lovely Steph (in the middle) from Sisterhood (And All That). Beauty AND friends, is there anything better? Oh yes, there was Cava too!

John Lewis hold beauty evenings at their various stores a couple of times a year. You get to indulge in an evening of complimentary makeovers, skincare analysis, mini-manicures and mini-facials. And Cava. All for £5, which is redeemable against a purchase. And as all beauty products were 10% off on the night, it really was hard not to buy every indulgent item I sampled. I went to the last Beauty Event at John Lewis Kingston in March of this year (blogged about here). It is such a fab treat to get out and get pampered with gorgeous beauty and skin products.

This time, I got to chat to the lovely people at Clinique about my skincare needs. I was also given some products to try. I am getting to that age (*cough, cough* 39 *cough, cough) where I feel like my skin regime needs a bit of an overhaul. I then had my make-up done at Benefit. I had a bold eye and a light lip, which is the opposite of my day-to-day look. But it is fun to look a bit more glamorous than usual. Before the night finished, we went to the women's wear section for a fashion show. Some of the staff at John Lewis Kingston showed off the fashion highlights of the new season.

John Lewis Beauty John Lewis BeautyJohn Lewis BeautyJohn Lewis Beauty photo 2

Have you ever been to a John Lewis Beauty Event? When was the last time you had a make-up makeover? Are you in need of a new look?


I was invited to attend the Beauty Event, with a friend, for the purpose of this review. All views expressed are entirely my own.


I have never been the kind of person who has to wear a face full of makeup before they can face the world. But I do have one vice. Lipstick. I loves me some lippy. I rarely leave the house without it. And when I'm out, I will reapply it as the day goes on.

But why? Why do I feel the need to wear lipstick? To be honest, I just think my face looks better with lipstick. My lips are full and I feel that my lips are less noticeable when I wear lipstick. Plus a little colour brightens up my face. But do I need it? Probably not. But do I prefer having it? Absolutely yes. Here I am in a no-makeup no-filter selfie. Then you will see me a no-filter only-lipstick selfie. I took the photos within 30 minutes of each other, but it was much brighter when I took the second photo (which is why I've gone from medium-brown to light-brown).

photo (26)

photo 1

I am no great beauty. Lipstick doesn't make me beautiful. But it makes me feel happier about myself. I think we all have our insecurities. As women we are constantly being told that we're not pretty enough, that we are too old or too fat. But even if we are too old or too fat, we can still feel pretty and feel good about ourselves. It may be makeup, clothes, jewellery or accessories. But we all have something that we use to make ourselves feel better. To feel more beautiful. What do you use to make yourself feel good about yourself? A bit of lippy? A snazzy handbag? Bright nail polish? A favourite necklace?

I am joining in with The Prompt from Mum Turned Mom. Pop on over for more posts about beauty.



Last week I was lucky enough to attend a Bloggers' event at the Crabtree & Evelyn shop in Kingston. I dragged along my mummy pal, Ella, to check out Crabtree & Evelyn's Handy Tips Handed Down campaign. The aim of the campaign is to find out about the beauty tips that are handed down from our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and friends. If you hop onto their website and note your beauty tip (handed down or not), you will get a £5 off voucher for your next purchase.

My tip is to keep hand/body lotion by your bedside so you remember to moisturise your hands and feet before you go to sleep. But even with this tip, my hands have been super dry lately. Even my nails are dry and weak. When you have a baby/toddler, you are constantly changing nappies/diapers and therefore constantly washing your hands, so your hands inevitably get dry. And I never moisturise after I wash my hands as I need non-greasy hands for building blocks and fixing snacks. My other issue is that my 2-year old son, Dubz, likes to take things (like my lotion) from my nightstand and then he hides them in silly places.

After sampling some goodies and enjoying a drink, Ella and I had our hands exfoliated and then received hand massages. Ella chose pomegranate which smelled heavenly. I chose the La Source range. I had heard of it, but had never tried it. I was astounded at how much younger and smoother my hands looked. I also liked that the La Source had a clean smell. I don't like wearing perfume or scented body lotion. Though I was not obligated to buy anything, I bought the La Source 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands, which is currently on special. On a side note, Crabtree & Evelyn have the cutest bags that they put your purchases in--a bit 1970s with fruit and flowers (photo below).

It has been five days since I used the exfoliator and lotion, and my hands are still soft. You only need to use it once a week. Even I have time to do that. I'm aiming to set aside Wednesday or Thursday evenings to exfoliate and moisturise my hands, then put on nail polish. A well-deserved bit of me-time!

Please note that although I was invited to attend this event, I was not paid to attend or to write about this event. I paid for the hand cream and exfoliator with my own money (okay, the money my Husband gives me). All opinions expressed are completely my own.


Family Fever


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Normally, when I go to John Lewis, I go to the kids department or homewares. When my friend Ella and I went to the John Lewis in Kingston last night, we were unsure what to expect. We didn't know what the big beauty event would entail, besides having our make-up done. Being SAHMs, neither Ella nor I spend much time getting pampered. It is so easy to forget about making yourself feel good when you are concentrating on taking care of your family.
After grabbing a glass of cava, we were introduced to Murad. I had heard of this brand before, as they are American like me. Murad was developed by a dermatologist and specialises in combatting ageing and blemished skin. They even have a men's line. First off, Daisy took a special photo of my skin which showed my problem areas (don't be too alarmed at what I look like with no make-up). The photos show that my main issues are the redness in my cheeks and t-zone blemishes. As I approach 40, *clears throat*, I feel like my skin is changing. I've always had combination skin but I feel like the dry skin is drier and the oily skin is oilier. Plus I'm breaking out like a teenager. Daisy recommended some products which would help and then gave me a mini-facial. Normally, after a facial, my face looks and feel smooth but I also look a bit unkept. After the Murad facial, my skin looked so glowy. Both Ella and I commented that we looked just as nice as if we had on make-up, if not better. Thank you Murad!
99 problems and my skin is number 1
John Lewis Kingston had a major refurb in October 2013, adding an extra £7,000 square feet which substantially increased their beauty department. They have all the big international brands, and a great selection of British brands too. Ella and I both got manicures at Leighton Denny. She got her make-up done at Benefit, while I had mine done at Bobbi Brown. Neither Ella nor I wear very much make-up during the day. Being American, I don't leave the house without any lipstick. But it was lovely getting the whole shebang done. 
Sophie at Bobbi Brown introduced me to the miracle of a purple eye liner, which makes brown eyes look green. And their BB cream made my skin look flawless! Ella loved the natural look she got from Mary at Benefit. When Mary saw me, she had to add the Gimme Brow which sleeks eyebrows wonderfully. I especially liked this as my eyebrows are a bit on the skimpy side. I grew up expecting to have Brooke Shields' eyebrows, but alas it was never meant to be.
Ella and I had such a giggle last night. We loved the pampering and the girly time, and I arrived home feeling lovely. I don't think that you need make-up, necessarily, to feel pretty. But as mums, I think it is important to do things for yourself. And of course, it helps to have a girlfriend along for laughs.
John Lewis Kingston invited me and a friend to their Beauty Event for the purpose of a review. I was not paid for this endorsement. All opinions expressed are my own.