Parent Teacher Chat, Autumn 2013

Last week, Husband and I met with Moozles’ teacher for the first parent teacher chat of Year One. I wasn’t worried about any learning issues. My daughter loves reading and writing. But there have been some behavioural issues. Apparently, my daughter’s class has quite the group of feisty females. My daughter included. Of the 14 girls in Moozles’ class, there are several subgroups. Unfortunately, the head girl in my daughter’s group sometimes ices her out. This has led to my daughter getting frustrated and angry and even biting other children on two occasions. 

I, of course, burst into tears when the teacher told me about the biting (last month). My daughter doesn’t even hit her 18-month old brother, and he is pretty rough. It is difficult not to feel like a failure when you find out your child is acting out. Especially when you have given up employment to devote yourself to raising your children. It made me wonder whether I should get a job before I screw up my kids even more.

I spoke to my daughter and explained to her that biting does not make people want to hang out with you. I have also explained that if someone does not want to play with you, then you should find someone else to play with. This seems to have worked, and things have improved in the past month. But there are still many days when Moozles tells me that her friends have not wanted to play with her so she found someone else to play with. I am happy that she is listening. But there is still a part of me that hurts. Why shouldn’t some of the girls want to play with my daughter? She is sweet and feisty. Yes, she can be a bit weird. But what 5-year old isn’t a bit weird?!

So, I will try to hope that things improve. Until then, Moozles has given up on biting in favour of boxing. Watch out mean girls!