Partying at Da Club, Da Book Club

Out at Da Club, Da Book ClubI used to love staying out late, dancing the night away. But then I had children. And now I rarely go to da club. I’d rather spend the evening on my sofa. But recently I have discovered a new club – da book club.

I used to be an avid reader. For years I would read three or four books each month, losing myself in thrillers, classics and contemporary fiction. Then, I had a baby. And all of a sudden it would take me a month to read one book. And even then, it was normally a baby book. And when I had another baby? There was really no time for books, not even baby books. I think I managed about six books in four years, which made me feel sad. Other mums continued to read books, why couldn’t I?! But it turned out that I wasn’t alone.

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My Fabulous Kobo E-Reader!

Fabulous New E-Reader

I think for many people, it’s either real books or an e-reader. I’ve always considered myself to be in the former camp. There is just something wonderful about the feel and smell of a book. Husband has a Kindle, which he likes. I tried it a couple of years ago but I just did not get along with it. So in April, when I got my little hands on the new Kobo Glo HD E-Reader, I was not sure if I would like it. But, I have to say, I was shocked how much I loved it.

The Kobo Glo HD is like reading a book. It doesn’t feel like I am reading a screen, but like a slim book. And wow, is it small and slender! It has a six-inch screen. And weighing only 180 grams, it comfortably fits in one hand. Have you ever not bought a book because it looked too big to hold and carry around? Or else you bought it to read at your bedside, but it took you three months to read because reading at night makes you feel sleepy? I went to the USA at the end of April and was so glad to have the Glo HD on the airplane (loaded up with a few books). It was so light (My handbag was my only hand carry as I was not travelling with the kids).

Before I had children, and actually when I only had one, I would read two or three books each month. Last year I only read four or five books in total. This figure shocks me. But with taking care of the kids in the day, and blogging in the evenings, I just haven’t made the time. But since I got the Kobo Glo HD, I have read a few books. And I am so happy about re-discovering my love of books. I have always loved reading – being transported to another world. And having an e-reader makes it easier when you have children. I don’t have t o worry about the children finding my book and ripping it apart (Dubz loves ripping books). And I never lose my page as the Kobo Glo HD bookmarks the last page you read.

Speaking of reading, I loved how easy (and cheap) it was to buy e-books through Kobo. I had been worried that e-books would be more expensive but they weren’t. Another concern had been that the e-reader would tun out of battery during an exciting moment in my book (The Detective’s Daughter was a book that I especially could not put down and did not want to stop reading). But you get two months battery with the Kobo Glo HD.

As you can tell, I am now a Kobo Glo HD fanatic. And in fact, it is quite likely that Husband will be getting one for his birthday next month. Shhh, don’t tell. At £109.99, you are getting a lot of e-reader for your money. Do you read via books or e-readers? I’d love to know what you are reading!

My Fabulous New E-Reader My Fabulous New E-Reader My Fabulous New E-Reader

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I was given a Kobo Glo HD for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own. I really love it!

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books

Our Favourite Dinosaur BooksAs you all know, Dubz is obsessed with ‘dino-roars’. Since I have already written about his favourite pieces of dinosaur clothing, I thought I would let you know about our most loved dinosaur books.

1. T-Rex Terror (Parragon Books) is more of a comic than a book. This is not one of the books Dubz likes me to read to him. But Dubz loves looking at the pictures. The dinosaurs are pretty tough looking and they are quite rambunctious.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books2. When Dinosaurs Came With Everything is the book that I read most days. Dubz adores this book. Someone gave it to us when Moozles was little, but she was never interested. The book’s premise is that one day dinosaurs are given away with everything – at the doctor’s, at the barber’s and at the bakery, much to one boy’s excitement. And his mother’s dismay.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books3. Travel Back Through Time To The Land of Dinosaurs (Parragon Books) is our newest book. Dubz has been carrying it around with him since we got it last week. It is partly an activity book and partly a fact book. Dubz (who will be turning three in May) is too young to complete the activities. But he enjoys having me read the facts, and he loves going through the book and naming the dinosaurs.

4. How To Grow A Dinosaur is one of our favourite books. The book centres around Albie (there are a few books in the series) who has a very vivid imagination. But is it his imagination, or do these amazing things really happen to him. Instead of planting a vegetable patch with his mum, has Albie planted a jungle complete with dinosaurs? Dubz adores this book (we have another Albie book which is also a favourite).

Do you have any favourite dinosaur books? I’m always interested in finding more books for Dubz, so would love to hear your recommendations.

Our Favourite Dinosaur Books
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We were sent ‘T-Rex Terror’ and ‘Travel Back Through Time to the Land of Dinosaurs’ for the purpose of the review. We are Parragon Book Buddies. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.