Oh The British Talk Funny

Due to the enormous success of my post Oh The British, I felt compelled to write a follow-up post. And by enormous success, I mean that all of my six regular readers found the post semi-entertaining. So to you devoted readers, I dedicate this post.

One major advantage of moving to the UK from the USA is that you don’t have to learn a new language. Or so you would think. Though English is spoken in both countries, British and American English can be quite different. So for anyone new to the UK or planning a visit, here is a helpful (but far from comprehensive) guide. This would also be helpful to a Brit visiting the USA.


American and British English

American English: Hello! Hi!

British English: Hiya! Helloooo!


AE: Wassup? What’s the haps?

BE: All right? How are you?


AE: When will it stop raining?

BE: What a lovely day, it has only rained for three hours.


AE: Where is a McDonald’s?

BE: Look at all those Americans going to the MaccyDs (pronounced MackyDees).


AE: I’m amazed at all the sexy men hanging out in the Fish & Chips restaurant.

BE: I’m gobsmacked at all the fit blokes in the chippy.


AE: I’m going to bed now. I’m drunk after drinking those beers at the old bar.

BE: I’m off to Bedfordshire. I’m pissed after downing those pints at the pub.


AE: Goodbye. Peace out.

BE: Ta. Ta ta. Tara. Cheerio.


Here are some of my favourite British words/phrases:

Easy peasy Lemon squeezy = Easy
Ace = great
Chin wag = chat
Taking the piss = making fun of someone/something
Wonky = crooked or unbalanced (as in a wonky haircut)
Kip = nap
Well = very (used as an adverb). Ex: That bloke is well dodgy = That man is very sketchy (not to be trusted)
Wanker = someone who jacks himself off, and is therefore a bit of an a**hole.
To have a butchers = to have a look
Gutted = bummed or upset
Knackered/Cream Crackered = tired, but I think knackered is more adult
Mates = friends/homies



Here are some commonly used terms that are handy to know:

Loo/Toilet = restroom/bathroom
Brolly = Umbrella
Quid = £ (pound = currency)
Rubbish = garbage/trash
Fringe = bangs
Pants/knickers = underpants/underwear
Trousers = pants
Arse/Bum/Bottom = butt
Fanny = vagina
Lift = elevator
Pavement = sidewalk
Ta/Cheers = thank you


I hope this helps! Cheerio homies!


Seychelles Mama
Photo credit: phasinphoto, FreeDigitalPhotos.net