Camping at South Lytchett Manor, Dorset

Earlier this month, the family and I went on our annual camping trip with our Leamington friends. After last year's bone-breaking 10-hour car ride to the Lake District, our friends took pity on us and we all agreed upon Dorset as our destinations. After packing the car to the gills and a speedy two-hour ride, we arrived in Poole.

Upon arrival at South Lytchett Manor, I was impressed at how easily it was to check in. We then had someone personally show us to our pitch and we got to unpacking our car. Although we liked the Low Wray campsite last year (our pitch was lakeside so it was lovely), we did not enjoy having to park away from our pitch. It just made life a bit more time-consuming when it came to unpacking and packing. Our pitch was next to a water tap, which was also quite handy when it came to cooking. Though it was a bit annoying as people kept walking by our pitch to fill up their water containers.

South Lytchett Manor also accepts motorhomes, and they have caravans and sweet little Romany caravans to rent. But we have bought this camping gear and are determined to get our money's worth. This year we got a few new items including a bench table and seats and an electric coolbox. You can pay for electric hook-up at the campsite, so we thought we would get it and make life a bit easier. This meant that I could bring my straightening iron - oh happy days! The campsite also had the cutest red phone box that they used as a library (one of those 'leave a book, take a book'). And there is a playground, though the time we went it was heaving and we were the only adults there. The campsite wasn't that picturesque but it is a very practical campsite.

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Camping - The Fantasy vs the realityThe summer holidays can be a time of exotic vacations for some lucky people. But for some it can be a time for a more modest and outdoorsy holiday (I'm talking about camping, people, CAMPING). It can be a time when a family packs their car so full that the car can only drive at 50 miles per hour. That said family will then spend 10 hours driving somewhere that is only five hours away as the roads are full of other families driving in their overly packed cars. Perhaps at your destination you will get set up in 10 minutes. Or perhaps you will spend six hours setting up, cursing throughout whilst being bitten by mosquitoes.

After much begging by my Husband, who tried to convince me that camping with two young children could be and would be idyllic, I agreed to go on our first family camping trip. This is despite the fact that I don't own wellies, I like wearing dresses and I have a daily hair-straightening regime that requires electricity. Last week we spent two nights in The Lake District (not exactly a short drive from London). So I thought I would share how the fantasy measured up to the reality.

Waking up to peaceful surroundings.

Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality

Bonding with your family.

Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality

Appreciating the great outdoors.

Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality

Enjoying the weather.

Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality

But at the end of the day, as long as you have delicious food and *some alcohol (*a wheelbarrow full of booze), it will all be okay. Happy Camping!

Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality Camping - The Fantasy vs the reality