Oh Jesus

Yesterday was my daughter’s school Christmas concert. They did the Nutcracker plus a nativity at the end. It was very sweet. My daughter was a humbug. Like I said, sweet.

Humbug in the middle
I wonder if state schools in the USA are allowed to have nativity plays at Christmas. The thing that I am still getting used to, being American, is that state schools discuss religious subjects. And besides the nativity and Christmas, they sing songs about God and Jesus. Husband and I are not religious. So we find it strange when talking about December birthdays (as we did this past Saturday) and Moozles announces that Jesus’ birthday is in December.  A couple of months ago she told me that God made the sky and the clouds. I tried to explain the Big Bang to my 5-year old but she did not quite grasp what I was saying.

I don’t have any problems with my kids talking about the religious reasons behind Christmas and Easter at school. But what if you do? What if you are a fervent atheist? Or if you’re from a different religion. How do you deal with your child talking about Jesus?