Who Needs a Cleaner?

Who Needs a Cleaner

By the looks of it, I think I need someone cleaning my home every day! I find it tough staying on top of the housework, while ensuring I have plenty of quality time with my children. I moved house a couple of years ago and have been trying to find a new cleaner ever since. I’ve gotten a few recommendations from friends but they either haven’t called me back, or they’ve done a poor job. I’ve even posted on a local board on Facebook looking for a cleaner. But you don’t want to let just anyone into your house.

So when the people at Hassle.com asked me to try out one of their cleaners, I knew it was fate. First of all, the site it was easy to use and navigate. The first step is to enter your post code. Then you must note if it is a one-off or a regular cleaning, and your preferred date and time. You can select how many hours you need the cleaner for. If you are unsure, there is even a ‘clean calculator’. By specifying how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have, you will find out how long it will take to clean your house. My house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms (which should take 4.5 hours of cleaning), but I didn’t need the guest room and guest bath to be cleaned so I only required three hours of cleaning.

Once I pressed the ‘search’ button, I was shown bios of the cleaners in my area (including their ratings from previous clients). My request was then sent to the various cleaners and the first one to accept became my cleaner for this job. I didn’t pay for the cleaner, as it was for a review, but I thought it was efficient that you could pay for your cleaner online. I can’t tell you the times I have been scrounging for cash when I realise that the cleaner is coming, five minutes before she arrives.

Mark, my cleaner, was friendly and nice. I was surprised at first, to have a male cleaner. But then I remembered that many men can clean and tidy. Only certain men constantly leave their pants on the floor, and not all men need three saucepans and one frying pan to poach an egg. But, I digress. Mark did a good job cleaning my house, plus he really attacked the limescale in my bathroom. Overall, I was quite pleased with Hassle.com.

Okay, so who needs a cleaner? The lovely people at Hassle.com are giving my readers a 50% off discount for their first cleaning. That’s right – 50% off! Click here, and you can have a cleaner come to your house while you catch up on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reading.


I was given a three-hour complimentary house clean for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.