Anyone Can Make Cheese Quesadillas

I often post recipes/tutorials of food that I like to bake/make, so some people may think I am a good cook. I was even nominated for a MADS Best Food Blog. But I have a confession. I am actually not a very good cook. Some may even say I’m a terrible cook. Of course, if they did say that, I would take my whisk and throw it at their head. Anyway, last week, while my 5-year old Moozles was eating the pasta with pesto that I so quickly lovingly made, she told me that I was the ‘best cooker ever’. I asked her what dishes she most liked. She replied, ‘pasta with pesto’ and ‘hot dogs’. So you can see that I am no culinary master. By the way, I ‘make’ hot dogs on Fridays as I am tired and the kids think it is a fun dinner. So get off my back.

Anyway, Husband does a lot of the cooking, but I have a few easy dishes in rotation that help get me by. So I thought I would start a weekly post, as part of Tasty Tuesdays, to help all you not-so-great cooks out there. We’ll first be starting with Quesadillas, which is a Mexican dish. Queso means cheese in Spanish. Being from California, we eat a lot of Mexican (authentic and Tex-Mex). This is a great dish to make when you only have five minutes to make dinner. Tortillas normally keep for about a month, so they are a great item to keep in your cupboard. I normally make with just cheese for the kids, but we sometimes add ham or else I use leftover chicken from a roast (which I shred and bind with mayo and cheese). When Moozles was two she called these Cheese Diyas.

Cheese Quesadillas (feeds two small children)
Two tortillas
Grated or sliced cheddar cheese

Add cheese to one tortilla. Lay another tortilla on top. Saute in frying pan on medium heat, no oil or butter needed. Flip over after 1-2 minutes. Do other side until equally browned. That’s it.    


Lunch or dinner is ready. Very quick, very easy. And if you want to eat it as a family, it tastes quite nice with a side salad. And we sometimes have guacamole and sour cream for dipping.

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