The Eczema Continues

The Eczema Continues

My regular readers will know that Dubz was in the hospital recently for a severe asthma attack. And his eczema is playing up again too. Asthma and eczema apparently go hand in hand. Normally eczema flare-ups are gone in our house from April til September, but I currently need to moisturise Dubz about four or five times a day. As I have been dealing with eczema with years, I have many tips on handling it.

Luckily, Dubz loves having his Aveeno cream rubbed onto his back and arms. At almost three, he understands that it makes him feel better and less itchy. But 43% of mums find that their children don’t understand why they need cream every day. That is why Aveeno have released e-books to help kids. They have just released the second book in The Dry-ventures of Ellie & Eddie. Even on holidays or when we’re going on adventures, we still need to keep using cream to keep eczema at bay. Moozles and Dubz really enjoyed reading Happy Skin Holidays, especially the catchy song. Dubz keeps singing ‘put on some cream’, and so I do.

Head on over to Aveeno to download the newest e-book (and the first one if you don’t already have it), and you can also request a free sample of Aveeno.

The Eczema Continues The Eczema Continues


We were sent a copy of ‘Happy Skin Holidays’ and some Aveeno products for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Keeping Eczema at Bay

Fighting Eczema

Winter means eczema in my house. Husband suffered from it as a child, and both our children have outbreaks between October-March. And there are days I get lazy and I stop moisturising the kids on a daily basis. And I regret it as soon as their cheeks get red (photo above). It’s less of a problem for my six-year old daughter. But my two-year old son, Dubz, needs daily moisturisation.

I have previously blogged about how Aveeno products are the only things that have helped my kids’ eczema (here). But I thought I could offer my top three tips on how to deal with red, blotchy, scaly skin.

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. In the morning and after baths. I have tried hundreds of lotions and potions (including steroids, anti-fungals and antibiotics creams, all prescribed by our GP). Aveeno is the only thing that helped my son. Unfortunately we hadn’t discovered it when I my daughter was under three (that’s when her eczema was at its worst). The doctors prescribed so many creams, thinking she had ringworm. Then when they thought my son had ringworm too, I had enough experience to be able to tell the doctors that it was actually eczema.

Fighting Eczema

2. Bathe infrequently. We are all told to bathe babies and children every day, as part of their routines. But baths are quite drying on the skin, even if using a bath oil. My kids have 2-3 baths per week during the winter. They get a wet face cloth to their faces everyday (more for the boy). And in the summer, when the kids bathe every other day, I don’t always use bath oil/cream. Plain water is fine for washing the body.

Fighting Eczema

3. Keep the air moist. When it’s very cold, many of us have the central heating on most of the day and night. Dry air leads to dry skin. We used a humidifier when Moozles was little. But it broke and I never got around to replacing it. So now I pop a wet face cloth on the radiator at bedtime, and sometimes during the day. It’s a DIY-humidifier.

Do your little ones suffer from eczema and dry skin during winter? How do you cope? If you haven’t tried Aveeno and would like to, pop over here to request a free sample.


Family Fever
I was sent some Aveeno products for the purpose of a review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Bye Bye Dry Skin


I have previously written about my children’s struggles with eczema. After various anti-fungals, steroids and antibiotic creams, Aveeno was the only thing that cleared up my children’s skin. So I was thrilled when the kind people at Aveeno sent some moisturising creams and bathwash for me the children.

We were also sent the lovely new book from Aveeno, Bye Bye Dry Skin!, which is the first in the series of The Dry-ventures of of Ellie & Eddie. This first book explores what can trigger dry skin as well as how lovely it is on your skin to have a soothing bath and then be covered in cream. Moozles was able to read it all by herself, and read it to Dubz. At six, Moozles understands the importance of creams in helping to combat her eczema. Dubz doesn’t really understand, but he does love it when I rub cream on his arms and legs.

Pop on over to the Aveeno website, where you can download the book for free and help your little one feel more at ease with their itchy skin.

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We were sent some Aveeno and the ‘Bye Bye Dry Skin’ book for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.


Eczema, part deux

My daughter struggled with eczema until the age of four, and my son (who is 22 months old) is currently dealing with it now. The eczema outbreaks are pretty much confined to the months of October through April. I have previously blogged about how we have dealt with the outbreaks (here). 

I was recently sent some Aleva Naturals products to try on my children. Aleva Naturals are completely natural and organic, no nasties at all. The first thing you notice is the amazing citrus smell. The Daily Soothing Moisturizer is thick without being greasy. The Hair & Body Wash makes the bathroom smell like a giant aromatherapy chamber and gives the kids a good cleaning. It did not make my son’s eczema flare-up, which is a major plus point.   
I used the moisturizer on my son for two weeks, but his eczema began to return. He was getting itchier and itchier and scratching up his skin badly so we went back to the Aveeno Baby. My daughter, who is five, loves the smell of the Aleva Moisturizer so I have kept using it on her.

Aleva Naturals is new to the UK and can be found at Ocado. Although it is nice using the all-natural ingredients, I would not pay £10 for either item. 

I was supplied with a bottle of Aleva Naturals Soothing Moisturizer and Hair & Body Wash for the purpose of a review. All the opinions expressed are completely my own.

H&A Bubbly Bath

My children love having baths so I was excited to be able to try out the Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath from H&A. Moozles, who is five, has sensitive skin and had eczema when she was a toddler. Dubz is 21 months old and has eczema. I gave Moozles a bath on her own, since her skin is less sensitive, and I wanted to check she wouldn’t have any weird reactions. Moozles was really excited when she was the Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath as she adores the film. The bubbly bath smells lovely and comes out nice and sudsy. Moozles enjoyed her bath, and loved playing with the bubbles. It’s hard finding bubble baths that are made for sensitive skin. 

Since Moozles’ skin was fine after her bath, I gave her and her brother a joint bath a few days later. These two always have fun in the bath, and this was no exception. Dubz never gets to have bubble baths because of his eczema so he enjoyed splashing the bubbles and making bubble tea. Unfortunately, after the bath, Dubz’s skin got a bit red and spotty. 

I will definitely use the bubbly bath again for Moozles, but Dubz will have to just use the non-bubbly Aveeno bath lotion until his eczema clears up.

We were supplied with a bottle of Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath for the purpose of a review and as a chance to become a member of the H&A Bathtime Fun SquadAll opinions are completely my own.

Eczema, Baby

This is my secret weapon towards eczema. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. My daughter, Moozles, suffered from eczema from the age of six months until she was almost four. She had these red, inflamed patches of skin all over her body. I continuously went to the GP and the health visitor for advice. The GP prescribed several different creams for moisturisation and for the bath. They barely helped.
When my son, Dubz, was five months old he broke out in eczema. It was worse than when his sister had had it. He was covered in it – his back, chest, arms and legs. He also had one round, red spot on his left cheek. Just like his sister had when she was younger. When Moozles was young, she was diagnosed as having ringworm twice by different GPs. Then they realised it was eczema. When Walker first developed eczema, the GP told me it was ringworm. I told them about Moozles’ eczema but they still wasted two months of my time on various creams. Dubz had to celebrate Christmas looking like he had some contagious disease.
Dubz had an eczema outbreak from October 2012 to April 2013. In April I received some Aveeno Baby cream. I had asked for eczema cream recommendations from friends on FB. I had tried everything suggested, except for the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. I had my mom send me some from The States because I couldn’t find it in the UK. Within about two weeks, Dubz’s eczema had cleared up. I stopped using the cream at that point since my daughter’s eczema had only flared up during the months of October through to April. My mom had also sent me the Aveeno Baby shampoo so that is what I use for Dubz’s baths and hair washes year round.
In October, Dubz’s skin flared up as expected. I got out the Aveeno Baby and it was gone in a couple of days. I moisturise Dubz’s skin most days and he hasn’t had any flare-ups since. I don’t know what else, besides oatmeal, goes in this cream, but it is a godsend. 
If you don’t have any relatives in The States, fret not. I found two online UK retailers who sell Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream.
*Please note that this post was written out of my adoration for this product and is not a paid endorsement.