Peace Out Elfy the Elf

We said goodbye to Elfy last week. It felt like he had only just arrived. It was nice having him around, and my daughter loved looking for him in the mornings. Our hiding spots were a bit limited, because even though Moozles loved him, she didn’t want to be alone in the room with Elfy. Normally, when Moozles wakes up, she goes to the living room to play so I couldn’t hide Elfy there.

I feel like I will do a better job with Elfy next year. I will put him in better, more exciting spots. I also lost over a week of good thinking about hiding spots due to my operation earlier in the month. Husband mostly just moved him around the kitchen counter, haha. Here are some of the pics from the past two weeks. Take care Elfy. Peace out!

The Elf On The Shelf Takeover

Elfy the Elf

Elfy. Yes, this is what my five-year old has named our Elf on the Shelf. I never claimed to have the most creative kid. 

Last week I was lucky enough to win an Elf on the Shelf from Life With Munchers. Elf on the Shelf is gaining in popularity in the UK but it is extremely popular in the USA. For years I have seen pictures on Facebook of these Christmas elves since most of my FB friends are American. I didn’t quite understand what the fuss is about. But now that Moozles is five, she is obsessed with all things Christmas. And she is obsessed with Elfy. How magical is must be to wake up and wonder what Elfy has said to Father Christmas the night before. And to wake up and wonder where you might find Elfy. 


Moozles has found Elfy on various shelves, the radiator, our mini Christmas tree and tomorrow she will find Elfy enjoying a hearty bowl of Cheerios. Elf on the Shelf is a bit more work for me, but it’s worth it to see my daughter’s reaction to him.