My Exclamation Addiction!

My name is Californian Mum in London, and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to using exclamation marks. I use it in texts and emails. On Twitter. On my blog. When you talk to me in real life, you can hear the exclamation marks oozing out of my mouth! I can’t help it! I’m American! We’re an excitable people. 

But sometimes, when I am talking to a ‘full-stop Brit’ (for you Americans, British people call a ‘period’ a ‘full stop’) I can see them judging me. They are looking at me wondering why I am exclaiming when a full stop will do. But it won’t do. It just won’t do!

Exclamations are fine to use when showing excitement, extreme emotion or something you might shout. So get off my back British people! Just because I’m American, doesn’t mean that I don’t understand grammar and punctuation. In fact, I love it! I just love it!

This week I am linking up (for the first time!) to All About You which is co-hosted on Mother Wife Me, Mama and More, and City Girl at Heart.