American Dining at Ed’s Easy Diner

American Dining at Ed's Easy Diner

Did I ever mention that my family and I love an American diner? Many years ago, when I first moved to the UK, I would drag Husband around London looking for acceptable American fare. I needed to know where I could get burgers, milkshakes and pancakes if I had an urgent craving. Fourteen years ago, there were only a handful of places to get American-style food. Nowadays, they are everywhere. There are now more American restaurants and diners in London than I have fingers and toes. One place we have frequented a few times is Ed’s Easy Diner.

If you’re not familiar with Ed’s, it is a chain of 1950s-style American diners. They have booths, as well as  tables, cute jukeboxes and  My family and I last went about five months ago. My son has recently become obsessed with cheeseburgers, and we’re all fans, so it makes life easier to eat at restaurants where they serve cheeseburgers. Recently, the people from Ed’s invited us for a family meal to check out their new junior menu.

Dining out with kids is made so much easier with a great children’s menu. Ed’s Junior Bites is made for kids 10 and under. For £5.95, you get a main, side and a drink. One issue I have with many children’s menus is that there is enough food for my 4-year old, but my 8-year old ends up still hungry. I would rather the kids had more proper food and less dessert. At Ed’s, my 8-year old was properly full while my 4-year old had food remaining. Take note other restaurants!

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My Kitchen Story in London

My Kitchen Story in London

When we moved into our house last February, the first thing we had to do was tackle the outdated and ramshackled 1970s kitchen. It did not have an oven, and no one would install one due to the unsafe electrics and the wood cladding. There was hardly any storage and it just felt dirty. Another big issue – no plumbing for a dishwasher. Here are some ‘before’ pics from the day we moved into our house.

My Kitchen Story in LondonMy Kitchen Story in LondonMy Kitchen Story in LondonIt was tough going three weeks without a kitchen (we had a microwave in our living room and ate a lot of takeaways, which was far from delightful). But we made it through and ended up with a lovely cooking and eating space. A small kitchen is the price we pay for living in London. But I don’t mind. Our kitchen really is the heart of our home.

My Kitchen Story in London

Here are some of items that make my kitchen perfect for our family. Some items were sourced after weeks scouring the internet. Some were impulse buys. I found a gorgeous G-Plan highboard from eBay for £50 but we had to push the dining table against it when our two-year old son started trying to climb the highboard. The space isn’t entirely as I would like. But that is what happens when you have children. Their needs become more important that your styling needs.

bread bin
Bread bin. I have green accents throughout the house. This is my first bread bin. I am such a grown-up now.
G Plan chair. I had them reupholstered as they were originally red.






kettle and toaster
White Panasonic toaster and white Bosch kettle. My first two kitchen purchases and they really enhance the Mid-Century look.
Sonos speaker so we can listen to Spotify for our kitchen dance parties! Very modern.






Funky floor tiles. Yes,please!
Kids can eat at the table in the dining area while I tweet tidy the kitchen.







Small but perfectly formed! Here is a pic after my Husband had made dinner for the kids. Luckily we can stick everything in the dishwasher and not have to worry about the dishes.