Firefighter Wednesday

Fire-fighter Wednesday

Look at that face. Eek. Not the kind of cute sibling photo I was hoping for. We went to the Museum of London on Sunday. Moozles is learning about the Great Fire of London (she’s in Year Two) and they have a permanent exhibit. She and Dubz were trying on firefighter hats. Dubz had a modern hat (and an old-fashioned bucket) and Moozles had an old hat. Apparently the old-fashioned hat was heavy. This is why she kinda looks like she’s straight out of a horror movie.

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Monthly Monday Melfie – November 2014


Welcome to my first installment of Monthly Monday Melfie. In the past few months, I have been trying to take more selfies with my children as I was feeling sad at always being left out of the family photos. Melfies are a great way for getting mums back in family photos. And if any of you dads out there want to take part, then melfie can also stand for ‘mother-effin-cool-dad selfie’.

When I looked at photos from October, I only had about five melfies to choose from. I initially discounted these two photos as all I could see were my imperfections. But then I looked at my daughter’s face. Pure. Utter. Happiness. She was so happy to be having a Mummy-Daughter day and loved taking a selfie in the loo at John Lewis. Another reminder to remember the joy, and not focus on silly outward flaws.

Monthly Monday Melfie Monthly Monday Melfie








How to Melfie:
1. This Linky will take place on the first Monday of each month, and will run for three days. It could be one picture, or several. You could leave out the text, or go into every detail. Whatevs. Just as long as the parent or child in the photo has taken the photo.
2. Add my badge to your post or link to my blog.
3. Tweet, share on Google+, Facebook and/or Instagram. If you tweet with my Twitter handle (@CalifornianMum) and/or use the hashtag (#monthlymondaymelfie), I will retweet you.
4. Please comment on this post and at least two of the other melfies.


Californian Mum in London


Monthly Monday Melfie

Monthly Monday Melfie

Do you ever look through your camera roll to fawn over your darling little children? Fun family days, cooking and crafts, silly moments. All captured easily on our camera phones. But do your children ever ask ‘Mummy, where are you’? Or perhaps you look at your family having fun, and wish that there was a record of you too? Well, here’s your chance.

Pop on the forward-facing function on your camera, or get in front of a mirror or window. And take a photo of you and your child(ren). Take a  melfie (mum selfie). I don’t know about you, but there just aren’t enough photos of me with the kids. I take hundreds of photos each week, and always capture special moments between my husband and the kids. But I rarely remember to ask my husband to take photos of me and the kids. And he never thinks of it (he is not much of a picture-taker anyway).

So, I am hoping you will all join me. Once a month, on the first Monday of each month. Let’s get mums back in the picture. Link up a post. It could be one melfie, or a collection of several. It could be just photos, without words. Or you can include an explanation behind the pics. The photos just need to be taken by you (or even one of your children if they are in the photo). And the photos must contain at least one mummy and at least one child. If any of you dads out there want to take part, then melfie can also stand for ‘mother-effin-cool-dad selfie’.

I hope to see you all on Monday, 3rd November 2014 for the first Monthly Monday Melfie. Link up, and tweet up. #monthlymondaymelfie

Californian Mum in London