Who IS Godzilla?

Husband, who never goes away on business trips, was in Hong Kong last week for a conference. He brought back loads of gifts for the kids and me to alleviate the guilt of abandoning us since he missed us so much. One of the things he got for our two-year old, Dubz, was a little Godzilla toy. Neither of the kids knew who Godzilla was, but Dubz loves any creature who looks like they would say ‘roar’ or ‘argh’ or ‘ahhhh’ in a menacing way.
Moozles, who is six and very cheeky, had a couple of funny questions and comments about Godzilla.
Moozles: Godzilla is the son of God.
Me: Why do you think that?
Moozles: Because it’s in his name.
Me: Jesus is the son of God. Godzilla is just a monster.
Moozles: Oh.

Moozles: Godzilla and Jesus are brothers.
Me: NO, they are not. Godzilla is a made-up monster from an old movie.

A few minutes later…
Moozles: Daddy, we say Godzilla. Mummy says ‘Godziller’ because she’s American.

Hmph. Very cheeky. Very cheeky indeed!

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