Mummy Goes to Morrisons

Last week I received £80 worth of Morrisons vouchers in the post from Britmums. Luckily I was not being recorded as I danced quite a silly little jig in excitement. I had never shopped at Morrisons before our holiday in Dorset last month. Two of our holiday cottage’s closest supermarkets were Morrisons and after two shopping trips I was impressed with their selection and price. Morrisons have recently reduced the prices on thousands of items so we were interested to see how far the £80 would get us. We normally spend £100 on groceries per week, so we were expecting to get all of our weekly essentials and then some. So on Saturday afternoon, along with Husband and the two demons kids, we went to the Morrisons in Wimbledon. 

The Wimbledon Morrisons is bigger than I expected, considering it is right on the high street. I was worried that the prices might be higher, due to its central location, but we found many of the items on our shopping list were discounted, which made our £80 go farther than expected. I especially liked the vegetable misters and the lady making fresh pizzas. I thought the fishmonger and butcher were well-stocked, but the bakery section was quite small. We bought items for the next day’s barbecue as well as family essentials such as milk (organic and Lactofree), free-range eggs, cereal, bread, fruit and vegetables. We also bought some ready meals. Husband does most of the cooking and he’s going away for his first business trip (he’ll be gone for six days!) so I thought it would be handy to have some quick dinners.

A few of my best buys include the Morrisons wholemeal bread (800g loaf for £.59) which was delicious, one box of Shreddies (500g box for £1.15) and six soft white rolls (£.32). We also found a bottle of Gordon’s Gin, which was cheaper than in Ocado, Sainsburys, Asda and Tesco (70 cl for £12). This couldn’t come at a better time as we had just finished our last bottle of gin. Our total came to £77.90 and we used the remaining £2.00 to pay for our parking. We were impressed by the quality and will definitely be popping into the Morrisons the next time we’re on Wimbledon High Street.


Two packs of Pork Hamburgers £1.56 + £1.36 = £2.92 
One pack of Free-range sausages = £2.50
One pack of free-range bacon = £2.50
Organic courgettes (two in pack) = £1.29
Six soft white rolls = £0.32
Total:   £9.53
Per Person:  £2.38

Husband made Cheeseburgers with bacon. This was our first time trying pork burgers and they were delicious! We ate everything but had two sausages left over, which Husband sneaked into a bap later. We already had lettuce, tomato and cheese for the burgers, as well as condiments. We grilled courgettes as these are my favourite vegetables and I could eat them everyday. Here’s how:

Grilled Courgettes
Slice courgettes into long ribbons, lengthways.
Lightly oil courgettes with 3-4 tbsp of olive oil.
Season with salt, pepper and garlic.
Grill courgettes for 2-3 minutes on each side.
Serve warm.