So, you are thinking about having a second child?

So, you are thinking about having a second child?I have two wonderful little terrors children. Moozles will turn six in April and Dubz will turn two in May. The four-year age gap is a result of the indecision relating to having a second child (blogged about here). In the end, it has worked out well for us. But life is much trickier with two rather than just one child (I don’t even know how those of you with three or more children handle it–you’re basically superheroes in my eyes). 
But I thought I could offer a checklist to help those of you who are considering trying for another baby.
So, You are Thinking about Having a Second Child?
1. Do you enjoy regular trips to the grocery store? Four people eat A LOT more food than three people. And since my youngest boy is greedy a good eater, we have really noticed a huge difference in our grocery bill in the past year. During a normal week, I go food shopping three or four times.
2. Do you enjoy catering to the whims of not one, but two, egocentric people? More kids mean more people trying to boss you around and demanding more pudding.
3. Do you like not having spare cash? More kids mean more bills. Although many people resume working after they have a second child, some of us don’t. And when you subsist on one salary, there is rarely extra money for spa days and Jimmy Choos. And even if you go back to work, you’re spending loads of money on childcare and all the extra cash goes on the kids to help assuage your feelings of guilt.
4. Speaking of guilt, do you enjoy feeling guilty? Once there is more than one child in the mix, you start worrying about whether you are giving them the same amount of attention and trying to ensure that they both feel equally loved.
5. Do you like having a hectic schedule? More kids mean more schedules. Conflicting schedules. One wants to play (loudly) while the other wants to nap. One wants to sleep in, but you have to take the other to school. 
6. Do you enjoy feeling tired? You’ve finally started getting 7-8 hours sleep, then a freight train in the shape of a little baby runs over you. Back to the middle-of-the-night feedings and enduring teething pain-related grumpiness.
7. Do you like hearing the phrase ‘But Mummy, that’s MY toy!’? You will hear it. Often. Like really a lot.

8. Do you like having infrequent dates with your partner? Husband and I used to go on a date once a month when we only had our daughter. Since Dubz has come along, we maybe manage once every other month. And we used to go on a 3-4 day foreign mini-break once a year on our own. We managed one night last year. To Warwickshire. *sigh*
9. Do you enjoy lots of cuddles and kisses? When you have two, there always seems to be someone around who wants a cuddle and/or a kiss. Sometimes it’s lovely and sweet. Sometimes you are kissing the ouchy on a dirty foot. Okay, still sweet.

10. Speaking of cuddles, do you like children fighting over who gets a cuddle? Even if one is happily playing, if they see the other getting a cuddle then they come over to get in on the cuddling action. One good thing about having two kids, they fit quite nicely, one on each lap. Though there have been some instances of Dubz pulling his big sister’s hair and trying to push her off my lap so he can have me all to himself. I just remind myself that one day my kids will think they are too cool to cuddle me.

11. Do you enjoy some occasional quiet time to hop on Twitter or read some blogs? If you have two kids, they often play together and leave you in peace. Woohoo!

If you have answered yes to four or more questions, then toss those condoms, or bin those pills, because you are ready to have a second child!