Beachy Bum

When I tell people I’m from California, they normally ask ‘why would you move here?’ I suppose it seems strange. California is a gorgeous place. But I fell in love with a Brit. And you know what? I eventually fell in love with the UK too. The weather isn’t as nice as in San Francisco or San Diego. But I love having four seasons. I love the buzz of London. And there is so much beauty and heritage around this country. So 11 years later, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

But I miss the ocean. I miss going to the beach. I miss sailing. I want my children to get the chance to enjoy activities involving the water. 

My daughter is 5 1/2 and my son is 19 months old. They love going to our local pool or splashing at the paddling pool in the summer. But swimming in the ocean and going sailing is not something we can do easily. I would love for them to get to enjoy a holiday, with holiday activities, in a warm climate. Saying that, when it’s warm we spend lots of time in the garden, and even make our own waterslide by sticking the slide into the paddling pool. 

When I heard that Mark Warner were looking for four bloggers to be holiday ambassadors, my head got dizzy with the thought of sand and sea. If I was lucky enough to be chosen to be a Mark Warner Mum, my family would get to have a beach holiday. It would be our first holiday as a foursome. My son would go to the beach for the first time. He would finally get to play in the sand and have his first foray in the sea. My husband and I would of course test out the creche, so we could have one of those romantic dinners I’ve heard so much about. We would all get to sail and windsurf. We could go swimming, play tennis and build sand castles. And the kids could catch a glimpse into what my life was like before their father stole me away from the warm weather of California.