Thrifty Thursday – Mystery Shopper

I had heard of Mystery Shopping before, but thought it would be difficult to get a gig like this. Last week I signed up to Market Force, and after completing a test that confirmed I was able to express myself in words, I became a Mystery Shopper. I was able to limit my possible assignments to within a five-mile radius, as I did not want to travel too far. Immediately there were eight possible assignments. But they have loads of assignments at airports and major train stations, so I will definitely look into those when I next do some traveling. 

My first assignment was last weekend. Although I am a Stay-At-Home-Mum and can complete assignments during the week, I like the idea of going off at the weekend and having some free/comped family time. I also like the idea that sometimes I can have some ‘me’ time whilst getting paid.

So off I went last Saturday. My son was napping, and my daughter and Husband were building a robot. I went to a coffee shop, where I had a lovely pot of tea and a very delicious slice of carrot cake. My assignment even required me to use the WIFI, which I happily did. What a treat to have 20 minutes to myself, away from the house. And for my trouble, I had my tea and cake reimbursed. Plus I will be paid £2.75 for the assignment. 

I’ve decided that this money will go into my ‘Night Out’ fund. I don’t go out very often, but if I complete 2-4 assignments each month then I will have money for the occasional Mums’ Night Out. And I won’t have to ask Husband for booze money. 

If you would like to check out Mystery Shopping, then I totally recommend Market Force:
I have also signed up with Grass Roots (recommended by Emma from From Aldi to Harrods), but they haven’t had any available assignments so I cannot vouch for them.

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