Thrifty Thursday – Food Shopping

I’m back for my third instalment of Thrifty Thursday, which is hosted on Cold Tea & Smelly Nappies. This week I’m looking at small ways to cut your weekly food shopping bill. I know some people go grocery shopping at 5pm/6pm and get discounted meat and vegetables, but that does not work for me. I have two small children and they eat dinner at 5.15pm/5.30pm. 

I love LIDL. If there is one near you (I’m sure Aldi is similar), go there! I only discovered LIDL last year as and have found it great at helping me stick to my food budget. I go once a week for certain staples, which include free-range eggs, whole free-range chicken (less than a fiver!), parmesan, own-brand oatcakes, bread, fruit and vegetables. Highlights include a whole cucumber for £.49 and six large free-range eggs for £1.00.

These six items cost less than £5.00 in total!

We also get a weekly food delivery from Ocado. Husband and I love Waitrose, but I find that shopping there often leaves me with a hefty bill. There seem to be more discounts on Ocado, plus it is so convenient having heavy things like loo roll, laundry capsules and dishwasher tablets delivered straight to the house. Once you have done a few shops with Ocado, you can also check your favourite items to see whether they are on special. That way, if I know we will need coffee soon, I can keep checking whether or not they are on offer.

Hope these tips have helped. Happy Thrifty Thursday!