Rub A Dub Dub

I think a before-bedtime bath is a lovely way to wind down and let a child know that the day is over. My five and a half year old had a bath almost every night of her life until two months before her fifth birthday. Then her baby brother started crawling, and all bets were off.

My son wrecks havoc in the bathtub, never sitting. He sometimes squats but mainly walks around and destroys everything in his path. He loves it, though. My daughter will have a bath with her brother once a week, but she does not enjoy the ruckus. She likes to ‘make tea’ and sing songs in the bath. She does not enjoy being pushed around and have toys thrown at her head.

I’ve tried giving them their baths separately, but my son tries to climb in when it’s not his turn. Nine months later, my kids have one bath during the week and one at the weekend. Is it bad to bathe one’s children only twice a week? Am I a monster? How often do you bathe your children?