Friends at the Farm

Friends at the farm

Moozles and Dubz are becoming proper friends. Rather than just playing next to one another, they are playing together and having proper little chats. And although they sometimes fight, as all siblings do, they take care of one another. They are always sitting next to each other, holding hands and hugging.

Today we had a marvelous day at Godstone Farm in Surrey. We had never been before, so I was excited when Not On The High Street invited us for an event for their free Storytime Sounds app. I will blog about this another time, but I wanted to share this picture. This was one of the first photos I took of the day and it is one of my favourites. Dubz was thrilled to see scarecrows. And Moozles loves posing on a bench. And hugging. Oh, the sweet hugging!


Sulking in the Sun

Californian Mum_PeckhamRye

We went for a picnic yesterday in honour of a friend’s birthday. We went to Peckham Rye, in South East London. Unfortunately, most of the people had toddler boys. This did not go down well with Moozles. She had expected to have another ‘big girl’ to play with. Luckily she had her brother to play with, and her Daddy (I was busy catching up with my friend who I haven’t seen in months). But at one point, Moozles was so annoyed that she went off to sulk at a nearby table. But it’s hard to sulk by yourself when you have a little brother. Dubz went over and just sat next to her. She didn’t sulk for long. But I managed to take this picture while she was making a grumpy face.

Californian Mum 1

I wish I could help Moozles see how lucky she is. She has someone who absolutely adores her and who loves playing with her. She never has to be sad and alone, like I was as a child. She may have sad times, but never for want of company. She has a sibling there, always ready to keep her company. Always by her side.

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Garden Games

My kids pretty much live in the garden, outside of winter. As soon as my daughter gets home from school, we all head out there. It’s not a very big garden, especially considering our 1970s outbuilding, but it’s fine for our small family. We have a trampoline and a slide. I don’t want any more toys out there as I think it is important for kids to figure out how to have fun using their imaginations. 
One day, my kids will be at an age where they have to come home and do homework. Or else they’ll want to watch television or play video games. But for now, they play. Sometimes even with each other. Moozles, who is newly six, likes practicing cartwheels and head stands. Dubz, who is barely two, tries to copy his big sister. I sit down and watch them, resting before they call me to join them on the trampoline. My heart is happy.

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My children. They are far from perfect, like all children. They fight over toys and who gets to sit on Mummy’s lap. But these two love sharing snacks. Dubz, who is newly 23 months old, especially loves sharing with his big sister. After he shares with her, he claps his hand to show how proud he is of himself.

This week we are on holiday in Burton Bradstock, in Dorset. Moozles, who will be six in two weeks, has had a tummy bug for the first three days of our holiday. She has barely eaten these past few days, but last night she had a mini-dinner. And this morning she had breakfast and then enjoyed some grapes that her brother is sharing with her. Such a small moment. But it really warmed my heart. I feel like our holiday can finally begin.