Off to the Offy

It doesn’t seem right. I’ve obviously misunderstood. Are you telling me that Asda are restricting people from purchasing alcohol if they are with a child, or someone under 18? So if it looks like you might be buying wine or beer for your 16-year old they won’t let you? And if you are food shopping with your family, which includes a toddler, they won’t let you? And if you’ve popped to the shop after school to pick up some chicken breasts and a bottle of wine, they’ll only sell you the chicken if you are with your 10-year old? What about if you have your groceries delivered? Will they driver not let you have your alcohol if he/she sees that you have children?

I know this blog post is just basically questions, but I am not sure what to say. I feel so confused and I don’t know who will answer my queries. Asda has deemed that they should be judging whether a parent might be buying booze for their underage children (although all supermarkets seem to have this right but Asda are the ones making the headlines). Are they going to stop underage drinking by bothering adults who really need that glass of wine come 8pm? Yes, some parents might buy their under aged children alcohol. Most parents need to take along their children when they do their food shopping, and a lot of us include wine, beer and spirits in our grocery list. I won’t even go into the minefield of buying cigarettes in front of children, or for them. 

I know the health risks associated with alcohol. I just don’t think that supermarkets can make themselves regulators when it comes to parents/family/friends buying for underaged kids. But I’m obviously biased. I love booze and I have kids. Now what am I going to do when I finish this bottle? I suppose I will be sending Husband for late night liquor runs. Aww, like in the days before the kids came along.

Here’s the Daily Mail article.