Ch-Ch-ChangesThis past week has been full of changes for Dubz. He is starting at not one, but two pre-schools. He will attend one on Mondays and Thursdays, and another one on Wednesdays and Fridays. And the reason he is attending two schools, is purely selfish on my behalf. You see, the first pre-school is nearby and he will make friends who will be at his proper school next September. This school runs from 9.15am-12.15pm, which allows me to go to do some grocery shopping, go to the gym and shower. But the other pre-school has longer days. So twice a week he will be in school from 9.30am-2.30pm. These longer days will give me time to write and to attend blogging events.

Selfish, I know. I have spent the past couple of weeks feeling guilty. Guilty about putting my needs above my son. But this week, as we have been going through the various inductions and as I have slowly gotten some free time, I have realised that this is the right thing. It might not be the easiest thing. But I know it will work for us. Dubz is three and has gotten so much one-on-one time with me. It will be good for him to be with other children and other adults.

Change does not have to be a bad thing. Me-time is not a bad thing. And sometimes mums need to be a bit selfish.



9 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. I have had the ch-ch-changes song in my head since I first read the title earlier today! Thanks! hehe. I don’t think you’re selfish at all. It sounds like a great balance to me x

  2. I think you’ve worked out a perfect solution as you’ve also made sure he attends a pre-school where he’ll make friends who will be at a future school with your son. He’s also at an age where he’ll want to start spending time playing with friends.

  3. I don’t think it’s selfish, I think it’s about balance. I have chosen to do much the same, the wee girl will be in preschool from 8.25-2.10 (rather than the 9-12 that a lot of her friends are doing) because I know I need to start making a bit more time for me AND that preschool is going to be really good for her. Good luck with your new normal, think it’s going to take me a little while to get used to mine! Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  4. I read this and thought of myself this time last year; putting my boy into preschool so I could have a bit of extra time but also to allow him to flourish with other children. I don’t think you’re selfish – keeping him at home and not being happy would be the selfish thing. But I know what you mean about the parent guilt, but this sounds like a good solution for the two of you and you’ll enjoy your time together more, now that he’s spending some time apart from you (does that make sense?! Hope so!)

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