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Moozles turned eight last week. She’s at an age where she’s not little, but she’s not yet big. Though if you ask her, she will say that she is a big girl. After all, she is in Year Three, and is learning her times tables. Finding a lovely gift for an eight-year old can be tough. She isn’t into craft kits or dolls anymore. She loves reading, but I can’t imagine she would have wanted all her gifts to be books (though she made a birthday wishlist and all 20 items were books). I wanted to give her a special gift, to show her that I thought of her as the big girl she is trying to be. I thought that a charm bracelet would be a wonderful present.

I spent ages on The Charm Works site trying to put together the perfect bracelet. First, I chose the sterling silver cable chain. Pretty yet timeless. Though there are loads of children’s bracelets to choose from – all sterling silver and measuring six inches in length. Then comes the most fun aspect of a charm bracelet – picking the charms. Starting with two or three charms works best. That way the bracelet doesn’t look empty, and there is room to add more charms.

I picked three for Moozles. First, I started with a phone booth charm to represent Moozles being born in the UK. Second, I chose a small heart pendant that I had engraved with Moozles’ real name. And third, I picked an ‘I Love To Read’ charm. As I mentioned earlier, Moozles is an avid reader and this charm suits her perfectly.

The bracelet arrived in a beautifully wrapped box, so  it was all ready for Moozles’ eighth birthday last week. I remember receiving special ‘big girl’ jewellery when I was little. It made me feel so special and grown-up. And Moozles feels the same way about her charm bracelet. She has thanked me so many times for the bracelet and wears it with pride. But even though she is kind of a big girl, she is still my baby. Even if she wears proper jewellery and is learning her times tables.

Charms For My CharmerCharms For My Charmer Charms For My Charmer Charms For My CharmerCharms For My Charmer


We were sent the charm bracelet for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own (and my daughter’s).



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