My Christmas Resolutions

I can’t believe it’s only one week until Christmas Day. It feels like we have all been waiting for so long. But what are we waiting for? Is it an idealised image of Christmas? The perfect day of family fun, everyone getting along and being blissfully happy? So, this year, rather than doing resolutions for the New Year, I thought I would make resolutions for Christmas. Resolutions that will actually be kept.


1. Tree – We all love a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. But children have a different idea of what constitutes tasteful tree decorating. If it were up to my children, all the ornaments would be put on three branches, and there would be tinsel over every inch of my tree. And I’m constantly stepping on ornaments that have been removed from the tree. I will not get annoyed every time I find a bauble or knitted Father Christmas on the floor. Although I am not a fan of tinsel, I have bought some because my daughter loves it. I can have a tasteful tree when the children move out, and I am missing them like crazy. I will be happy that my children are with me, and that they love the tree and love the ornaments.

My Christmas ResolutionsMy Christmas Resolutions






2. Shopping – Don’t let Christmas shopping and gift wrapping frenzy cast a shadow on the day itself. Yes, part of the importance of Christmas is about giving. But your family and friends do not care if you have spent exorbitant sums on their gifts. And they do not care if the gift looks like it has been wrapped by a Wrapping Maestro, or thrown into a gift bag. They only care that you have taken the time out to find them something you think they will genuinely like/want/need. I will aim to finish by Christmas shopping by the 21st December. And then will delegate wrapping to Husband so that I can ponder life’s great questions.

My Christmas Resolutions

3. Food – Rather than having Christmas lunch, we have decided to have Christmas dinner at 5pm. This means that we can have a leisurely morning and then have chocolate, prawns and pigs in blanket for lunch. Since we’re staying at home for Christmas Day, we can time things as we like, as what suits our young family. And none of us like Christmas cake, so we eat chocolate cake at Christmas. Our house, our rules.

My Christmas Resolutions

My Christmas Resolutions






4. Relatives – Visiting relatives, or having them visit us, can be stressful. But I will focus on how lucky we are to have such a lovely extended family that want to spend time with us.

5. Family Photo – Every year I focus so much on the day. that I don’t get a nice family photo. This year, I have a camera with a timer. I will get a photo of the four of us. I don’t care where we’re all looking, who is making a silly face and who is mid-cough. And it doesn’t matter if any of us have eczema outbreaks and look a bit spotty. As long as it is in focus and ALL of us are in the photo, I will be happy.

My Christmas ResolutionsMy Christmas Resolutions






Hope you all enjoy your holidays with your loved ones. Happy Christmas everyone! xx



5 thoughts on “My Christmas Resolutions

  1. Great post Elfa! I like the idea of Christmas resolutions and yours are spot on. We don’t eat Christmas cake either but we do have christmas pudding. And we never get a big family photo taken – that’s a good one to schedule in! I too am constantly noticing ornaments that have been removed or re-housed – I’ve given up caring – I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that all the needles haven’t dropped off come next Wednesday!! Happy Christmas my love! #theprompt

  2. I love this post!
    Have to say that, except for S, all our children (mine & OH’s) are grown up. Last year we asked them what they wanted and it was pretty boring just ticking off a list so this year I’ve put a lot of time and thought into buying them things which they wouldn’t buy themselves. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. The first one who asks if I still have the receipt is getting a mince pie in the chops! 😉
    Have a wonderful Christmas. X

  3. Wonderful post Elfa, focussing on all the really important bits of Christmas. I was starting to get a little stressed about the whole thing, so I looked at my to-do list and removed everything that wasn’t absolutely essential. I am much calmer as a result! We’ll be at home too, and having dinner rather than lunch, and like you will be enjoying a leisurely day. I’m looking forward to it 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt and have a wonderful Christmas xx

  4. Lovely resolutions. They all ring very true, except the tree. that belongs to the kids here so they can decorate it how they wish. It’s very quickly become my favourite lop-sided part of Christmas. Have a good one! x

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