Christmas Shopping for Me

You know how it’s almost Christmas, and I should be buying presents for all the people I care about? Well, I’m more than halfway done. But sometimes I get distracted. And then I get myself a present. Accidentally. Although, if you get something for the house, then it’s a gift for the entire family. Technically.

Christmas shopping for me

Case in point, these cheetah bookends. I mean, come on! How gorgeous are these?! I am slowly (VERY SLOWLY, according to Husband) decorating our home, which we are in the process of renovating. And I thought these ceramic bookends were so gorgeous and stylish. But they look even more amazing in real life. I found them on StreetHub, which is is an online retailer that feature loads of independent shops. So instead of going to several shops looking for that unique item, you can look online.

The bookends are from Rigby & Mac in East Dulwich.  I do not have the time, or inclination, to drive around London and scour eBay looking for bookends, so I’m pleased to have found this website. I visit charity shops and vintage fairs, but sometimes it is so frustrating spending so much time shopping without finding the item you want. Where do you shop for your home? Where do you source unique items from?

Christmas shopping for me Christmas shopping for me







5 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping for Me

  1. LOVE those bookends! 🙂 Everyone needs a bit of cheetah in their life, and you are so right Elfa – you are just enhancing your living space so it is a gift for all the family really! 😉 xx

  2. Love the cheetahs. Everyone needs a cheetah in their life. I hate when you know what you want but cant’ find it. There are so many ideas I have for little places like my mantelpiece that I just haven’t found the right things yet for it. Frustrating but I am trying to be patient so I get what I want in the end. lol Its hard though. hahah Thanks for linking up to Share With Me, for all the continual blog support throughout 2014! Happy Holidays! #sharewithme

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