Climbing The London Eye

Climbing The London Eye

Last Sunday we met up with some friends at The London Eye. Not to actually rideΒ The Eye. But to visit the playground next to it. Some times you want to go into central London, but not actually do anything expensive or touristy, and who doesn’t love a playground?! And yes, there is a playground near our house (several actually), but nothing quite compares to the backdrop of The Southbank. These photos aren’t great because of the sun glaring behind the kids, but I love how it looks like Moozles and Dubz are climbing The London Eye. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


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19 thoughts on “Climbing The London Eye

  1. Great photos! It really does look like they’re climbing the London Eye and that park always look awesome, we haven’t had a chance to play there yet though x

  2. My 5 year old Z loves nothing more than a free playground. We take him to all sorts of huge places and his favourite thing is still always be free slide or swings or climbing frame πŸ™‚ lovely photos, even with the sun!

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