Climbing Up Caldicot Castle, Wales

Caldicot Castle, Wales

Maybe it’s because I’m American, but I love a good castle. So last month, when we had our family holiday to Wales, I thought it would be fun to include a Welsh castle in our holiday activities.  Although there were several lovely castles to choose from, I decided upon Caldicot Castle as it is small and also halfway between Bluestone Wales and South West London.

Caldicot Castle and CounCaldicot Castle, Walestry Park is a lovely medieval stone castle. As it is small, my three-year old son Dubz was able to walk all around. We climbed the spiral staircases and saw the various rooms and ultimately went up to the keep. We saw lovely views of the castle’s courtyards as well as the country park (there are 55 acres!!).  Husband did carry Dubz up and down the staircase as they were too steep for him.

Caldicot Castle, Wales

Moozles learned about castles a few months ago so it was a good way to test her to see if she remembered much about castle life. It is always nice to bring learning into the real world (especially when you take a cheeky week off school). After climbing up and down the castle, we sat down at one of the picnic tables in the courtyard and had a picnic lunch. There were some giant garden games but we didn’t have much time to play, so we left after lunch. There is a tea room, but it was not open when we were there.

Caldicot Castle is open six days a week and the admission is free unless there is an event on. There is a free car park and even a playground. There are public toilets, but they are really gross. Just make sure you rub antibacterial gel on all over afterwards and you’ll be fine. Caldicot is the first town in Wales after crossing the Severn Crossing. And Caldicot Castle makes a lovely diversion.

Caldicot Castle, Wales Caldicot Castle, Wales Caldicot Castle, Wales Caldicot Castle, WalesCaldicot Castle, WalesCaldicot Castle, Wales




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9 thoughts on “Climbing Up Caldicot Castle, Wales

  1. We have driven past Caldicot loads of times and it’s been on our possible stop-off M4 list on the way to Wales for ages but never quite coincided with our driving break times. It looks like we’ve been missing a little gem. Love it when education comes out of the classroom too – looks like a fun visit. #countrykids

  2. I love mooching around a castle, the kids pretend to be knights and royalty and I can pretend I own it 😉 xx

  3. Caldicot Castle looks like a fab place for you guys to stop off on your trip to Wales, it looks beautiful there. The views from the keep look beautiful, it’s great that you managed to make it up there, it’s a shame that Dubz had to be carried up the stairs, I’m sure he enjoyed his day all the same though. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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