Covent Garden Balloons

Covent Garden

On Tuesday, Husband took the day off to make the bank holiday weekend a bit longer (especially as it was the penultimate day of the summer holidays). So we took the kids to the London Transport Museum. Afterwards we walked through the Piazza in Covent Garden on our way to lunch. If you live near/in London and haven’t been to the Piazza in a while, you must visit.

There are currently 100,000 huge white balloons hung up in the South Hall of the Market Building as part of a public art installation by French artist Charles Pétillon. The installation is 54 metres in length and 12 metres in width. There are white lights in the balloons, and it is supposed to symbolise the beating heart of the area. And it is utterly spectacular. You have until the 27th September 2015 to check it out.

Covent Garden



32 thoughts on “Covent Garden Balloons

  1. Wow! That looks fantastic and beautiful shot. Do they glow as well? I’ve heard about glowing balloons but, I’m not too sure if they are referring to these. xx

  2. I have seen some of these floating around on FB from the same place. Some of my other Nikon Friends have been posting these all day. 😉

    Great photographs. I want to go back there. Covent Garden Market is a cool place to visit. I don’t know if they still have a market, but I want to go visit for photo opportunities. #MySundayPhoto


  3. How gorgeous!!! I would love to see it, art is such a cool thing, and it brings so much happiness. Great shot.

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