Diana Memorial Playground, Kensington Gardens

Last Sunday we took advantage of a lovely sunny day in London and went to Kensington Gardens. Now that our youngest is two years old, we thought it would be a great time to check out the Diana Memorial Playground. The playground opens at 10am every day (closing times differ throughout the year). We arrived at 9.58am to find a herd of families waiting to be shepherded in. There is park employee who lets people in, and they only allow a certain amount of people in at a time. They also do not allow adults in unless they are accompanied by a child. 
Once in, we found the playground to be busy without being overly crowded. The kids loved the big pirate ship. But the playground has more to offer. There is LOADS of sand. I definitely recommend bringing your bucket and spades. But there are also swings, a seesaw, playhouses and tents to play on/in. There were only two big kid swings but four or six baby swings (I can’t quite remember). There were climbing structures and a mini-playground for the younger toddlers.
As it was very sunny, and Husband is very pale, I was relieved to see covered structures with benches to allow people to rest in the shade. And since my kids eat constantly during the hours of 9am-12pm, I was happy to find benches where we could sit and enjoy a snack, or three. There is a cafe, but it seemed a bit overpriced.
For those of you who live in London, you can of course get there via tube or bus. We chose to drive as Dubz is a bit of a handful on public transport. The beauty of going on a Sunday (or Bank Holiday) means you can park for free on a single yellow line. We parked right outside the park’s closest entrance.
The kids had such a fun time. The playground is quite big, but is sectioned off making it feel more private than it is. There is paving woven around the playground so you can push your buggy/stroller around. But there are also places to park your buggy. 
I think the playground would suit babies who can sit on their own up to kids of about the age of eight or nine. Babies can play in the sand or chill in their buggies while toddlers and little kids play. I saw a girl, who looked about 11 or 12, walking around with a bored expression. But it is a great place for little ones to run around, explore and release energy. Even better for Moozles, there was a carousel outside the playground so she got to have a little horse ride before we went home. 
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4 thoughts on “Diana Memorial Playground, Kensington Gardens

  1. Wow looks amazing. Loving all the fun filled photos and smiles of the kiddos! What a great adventure! Quality time well spend too. #countrykids

  2. So many times in the past I planned to take my kids to this playground and never did – definitely must take them when we’re back in UK as they’d love it! #countrykids

  3. It all looks and sounds perfect for little ones to have a full day of fun! It’s nice to hear that there is someone who is controlling who and how many people are in at any time – crowd control. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. It is an amazing park and the first time we went we were disappointed that it was just closing. Yes my boy was 9 at the time and liked it but think it may be a bit boring this year.

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