A Family Lunch at Pizza Hut

When I was a teenager, my friends and I used to go to Pizza Hut all the time. We loved their salad bar and personal pan pizzas. But I haven’t been to Pizza Hut much since my early 20s. A few months ago, we happened to be near one and had dinner there while my daughter was at a party. We were surprised at how good it was and vowed to take her (Moozles loves a salad bar). So last weekend we went to the new restaurant in Kingston-upon-Thames to try out the new menu.

First of all, I noticed how family-friendly Pizza Hut looks. There is lots of banquette seating, the colours are bright without being garish, and the artwork shows pizza-related superheroes. The children’s menu has a little and bigger option. My five-year old had the smaller meals and my nine-year old had the bigger one. And while we waited for our food, we all enjoyed the salad bar.

I think the salad bar is one of the best features of Pizza Hut. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a restaurant and had my children repeatedly ask about their food. One time, they asked abut 20 times, no exaggeration. But an unlimited salad bar means that Moozles and Dubz, who are always ravenous, can fill up their tummies before their food arrives (they always have room for pizza). Moozles loves salad, while Dubz adores tortilla chips. And they are both equally happy.

If you don’t like pizza, fret not. Pizza Hut do ribs and pasta. But if you do like pizza, they do yummy pizza (with a choice of thin or pan bases, and even gluten-free and stuffed crusts). I had some popcorn shrimp as a starter, which was delicious. Husband and I were quite full after our pizzas, but somehow the kids managed some ice cream. Pizza Hut have an ice cream bar where you can help yourself to soft serve vanilla ice cream and lots and lots of toppings.

Husband was impressed with the cost of our meal. The four of us had lunch, including drinks and some sides, for £45. We eat out once or twice a weekend, so don’t want to spend a fortune on a meal. But it’s important that the food is tasty and doesn’t take ages to arrive. We were all quite pleased with Pizza Hut. It’s not what I remember from my teenage years, it’s actually better.


We were invited for a meal at Pizza Hut for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.



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  1. It’s funny how different Pizza Hut is in different countries and different generations. Growing up in the US, my school had a book reading program that was partnered with Pizza Hut so my family got dragged there a lot. In Spain when I studied abroad it was good for a quick slice and ice cream. In Ireland and England, I remarked to my husband how good and more “real restaurant” it was.

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