Family Time in Kingston

Family Time in Kingston

Last week Husband and I took the kids into Kingston town centre for a cinema trip. But not just any cinema trip – it was Dubz’s first time. At three and a half, my boy is only starting to calm down and actually sit for movies. So we took him and Moozles to see Hotel Transylvania 2. Dubz was so good, and apart from asking a few questions during the movie, he sat quite quietly. I don’t think any parent likes the idea of their baby growing up. But Dubz is no longer a baby. He has been showing me in so many ways these past few months. It hurts my heart a bit. But it also makes me very happy, and I am filled with so much pride for my little boy.




29 thoughts on “Family Time in Kingston

  1. Good for him for getting through the cinema. I’ve still not taken N (he’s nearly 5), although he did go to see Peppa Pig with his best friend’s parents. He will now watch a 1.5 hour film, but I worry that the trailers will lengthen films even more.

  2. Those phone boxes are brilliant! Dubz did well doing a cimena trip at 3.5 – with our oldest he was 5.5 before he was able to sit through an entire film at home, never mind the cinema!

  3. I haven’t seen Hotel Transylvania 2, and I don’t know why I haven’t seen it!? I probably should.. btw, I love those phone booths! Can you get inside one of them, at least on the one standing up? :>
    Happy New Year! ♥

  4. Well done you and your little man! I haven’t taken Ethan to the cinema yet only because I haven’t had a chance to as I also needed to take Evelyn too, but she is still too young for that. We been to a panto when Evelyn was still on the sling and that was last year. They both enjoyed it very much so. I hope your little man enjoys it too. The telephone boxes on the photo looks awesome! #MySundayPhoto x

  5. They grow so quickly. Mine was a little boy what feels like only moments ago and now he is coming up on 17!


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