February Half-Term

This past week has been the February half-term break, so I took the week off from my blog to hang out with my little monkeys. Sometimes, at the end of half-term, I feel a bit sad that the children have to return to school. This is not one of those times. Yes, we have had some fun times. We did a lot Рincluding baking, seeing the new Batman Lego film, playing in Bushy Park, spotting the Butterflies at Wisley, watching lots of Netflix, having haircuts, enjoying play dates that wrecked the house and drinking milkshakes at Ikea.

But the kids were both tired and cranky for the first few days. And the girl was disagreeable for most of the 10 days. So I spent most of the evenings feeling tense and needing to unwind after dealing with tantrums. And tonight I am on the sofa, not-so-tense because I know tomorrow will be mostly peaceful. I adore my children but, my word, I love some peace and quiet.

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