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I have never been the kind of person who has to wear a face full of makeup before they can face the world. But I do have one vice. Lipstick. I loves me some lippy. I rarely leave the house without it. And when I’m out, I will reapply it as the day goes on.

But why? Why do I feel the need to wear lipstick? To be honest, I just think my face looks better with lipstick. My lips are full and I feel that my lips are less noticeable when I wear lipstick. Plus a little colour brightens up my face. But do I need it? Probably not. But do I prefer having it? Absolutely yes. Here I am in a no-makeup no-filter selfie. Then you will see me a no-filter only-lipstick selfie. I took the photos within 30 minutes of each other, but it was muchย brighter when I took the second photo (which is why I’ve gone from medium-brown to light-brown).

photo (26)

photo 1

I am no great beauty. Lipstick doesn’t make me beautiful. But it makes me feel happier about myself. I think we all have our insecurities. As women we are constantly being told that we’re not pretty enough, that we are too old or too fat. But even if we are too old or too fat, we can still feel pretty and feel good about ourselves. It may be makeup, clothes, jewellery or accessories. But we all have something that we use to make ourselves feel better. To feel more beautiful. What do you use to make yourself feel good about yourself? A bit of lippy? A snazzy handbag? Bright nail polish? A favourite necklace?

I am joining in with The Prompt from Mum Turned Mom. Pop on over for more posts about beauty.


19 thoughts on “Feeling Beautiful

  1. lipstick always turns out a different colour on my lips for some reason, so i never wear it! lol. You on the other hand look fab!!! I like a bit of mascara and nothing else- makes me look more awake and a little less sleep deprived haha

  2. A lovely post and you are a beautiful lady, I think that the lipstick in the second photo adds confidence to you, you look happier and it shows. For me doing something with my hair makes me feel good, whether that be putting a pretty clip in, curling it or getting the straightening irons out

  3. This is so true, we all have our little things we do for ourselves and no one else. For me I love mascara and defining my eyebrows. Just makes me feel more groomed, just for me.

    You look gorgeous in both pics ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  4. You know what Elfa? I really wanted to write a post about the whole ‘no make up selfie’ phenomenon that swept Facebook recently. I wanted to defend make up. I am really low maintenance and apply all of my make up within five minutes, rarely re-applying throughout the day, yet I love it! I particularly like liquid eye liner, mascara and eye brightener – am obsessed with lipsticks and lip glosses and yet feel like lipstick always makes too much of a bold statement so end up toning it down. I wish I had the confidence to wear bright red lipstick like a fifties diva! I think whatever makes you feel good about yourself and confident is a good thing. X #theprompt

    1. Exactly Sam. What’s wrong with makeup if it makes us feel better about ourselves? I never wear too bright a lipstick as I try not to bring too much attention to my lips. But next time you’re nearby, we’ll go out in Kingston with bright red lips! x

  5. What a fab, uplifting post ๐Ÿ™‚ your lippy is just lovely! I don’t wear make up either as I have super-sensitive skin, but like a bit of lipgloss or lipbalm #ThePrompt

  6. I don’t wear any make-up around the house anymore, although I remember a time when I would apply a full face just to sit in front of the TV ๐Ÿ™‚
    However, I will rarely leave the house now without giving a little bit of attention to my appearance. The amount of make-up I put on will depend on how bad my skin is that day, but will always include mascara. If I had to choose one item, that’s what it would be.

    1. Ha! I love the thought of you wearing a full face of make-up just for some telly. Then again, we normally do these things for ourselves and not for others, so as long as it made you feel comfortable/happy/pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I wrote a post about make up a little while ago after I took some photos with and without make up and realised how little difference the small amount of make up I wear made! However, I love make up, and I wear it most days, and I’m not about to stop. It may not make a huge difference to my appearance but it makes me feel much better and more confident. You can tell from your photos that you felt happier in the lipstick one. A little concealer and mascara are my must haves ๐Ÿ™‚ Great post Elfa, thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

  8. Confidence! That’s the thing. That’s what we need! Easier said than done though.
    Someone else said you have great lips and I agree. They’re fab! Second photo shows that little confidence boost and you have beautiful energy.
    Not really sure there’s any one thing I could say I use that makes me more confident, but I know that certain situations can have a profound effect on the level of confidence I have.
    Lovely post x

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