Finally Feeling Like Christmas

It has been tougher than normal this year to get into the Christmas spirit. We’ve had a few issues to deal with. And although I have bought all the Christmas presents, I barely have anything for the kids’ stockings which will mean last-minute sneaky shopping sometime on Sunday.

But on Wednesday night, I went out for the first time in ages. I went for dinner and drinks (lots of wine) with some mummy friends. And boy did we get merry. So much so that I felt awful yesterday and Husband had to come home at 2pm to take care of the kids. After school we all watched Arthur Christmas. It was a rough day and a nice day at the same time. There’s something about watching Christmas films that brings back all those wonderful feelings you had as a child, whether it is a new or old movie.

And today, I am finally starting to feel like myself. And when I pick up my daughter from school, I plan for us to watch another film. Yes, one boozy night out and two Christmas films are what I obviously need to feel happy and Christmassy. What about you? 

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